What is the housing options team?

What is the housing options team?

Your local Housing Options team is a small team who provide the council’s homelessness service and manage the housing register (also called the waiting list).

How many houses are there in Norwich?

Norfolk – Housing – District – Norwich

Norwich England
Count Count
Terraced houses 25,390 6,502,770
Semi-detached houses 9,660 5,900,720
Detached houses 4,660 3,934,150

Who is in charge of Norwich council?

Cabinet members 2021-22 The leader of the council is Alan Waters. He is supported by the deputy leader of the council, Gail Harris, and a number of cabinet members.

Who owns Norwich City Council?

It is currently under Labour control and led by Alan Waters. It forms the lower tier of local government in Norwich, responsible for local services such as housing, planning, leisure and tourism.

Who is housing officer Tower Hamlets?

Geoffrey Nevett – Housing Officer – London Borough of Tower Hamlets | LinkedIn.

How many properties does Hackney Council have?

HomeSwapper can help you to swap your council or housing association home with other social tenants with over 20,000 properties available.

Is Norwich a poor city?

However, Norwich is not a fine city for everyone. Poverty and deprivation is often out of sight. Many wouldn’t realise that Norwich has some of the highest rates of child poverty in the country. 32pc of children live in income deprived households.

Is Norwich City council Labour?

Following the city council elections on 6 May 2021, and Sewell election on the 17 June 2021, the political make-up is: Labour 26 seats. Green Party 10 seats. Liberal Democrats 3 seats.

Who runs Norfolk council?

Following the election in May 2021, Norfolk County Council is under overall control of the Conservative Party. Norfolk County Council has an executive leader and cabinet decision-making system. The Leader of the Council is Andrew Proctor (Cons). The Cabinet is chaired by Andrew Proctor.

What is Norwich famous for?

Norwich has more medieval churches (32 in all) than any other city in England except London. A bustling business and shopping center, Norwich is East Anglia’s traditional capital, a fact reflected in its splendid Norman cathedral, its castle, and the city’s many other historic points of interest.

Is Norwich safe?

Safety – Norwich has a history of low crime rates and is one of the safest places to live in the UK (Country Living 2018).