What is the full meaning of exhibition?

What is the full meaning of exhibition?

1 : a document or material object produced and identified in court or before an examiner for use as evidence. 2 : something exhibited. 3 : an act or instance of exhibiting : exhibition.

What is Exhibition and example?

The definition of an exhibition is a large public showing or display of art, products or athletic skills. An example of an exhibition is an artist showing his work for two nights at a gallery. An example of an exhibition is a group of gymnasts showing their skills to the public. noun.

What is the synonym of exhibit?

Some common synonyms of exhibit are display, expose, flaunt, parade, and show. While all these words mean “to present so as to invite notice or attention,” exhibit stresses putting forward prominently or openly.

What is an exhibition area?

1. exhibition area – a large hall for holding exhibitions. exhibition hall. hall – a large room for gatherings or entertainment; “lecture hall”; “pool hall”

What is an exhibition answer?

An exhibition is a public event at which pictures, sculptures, or other objects of interest are displayed, for example at a museum or art gallery. An exhibition of a particular skilful activity is a display or example of it that people notice or admire.

What is the opposite of exhibition?

Opposite of a public display of works of art or items of interest, held in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair. concealment. cover. hiding.

What is exhibition and types?

An exhibition, in the most general sense, is an organized presentation and display of a selection of items. In practice, exhibitions usually occur within a cultural or educational setting such as a museum, art gallery, park, library, exhibition hall, or World’s fairs.

What is educational exhibition?

An Educational expo is a platform which invites various top university and college representative at one platform so that the student can take the benefits of it. Here all the invited universities and colleges guide their students about the various streams which help the students to select the right carrier option.