What is the difference between Azipod and azimuth thrusters?

What is the difference between Azipod and azimuth thrusters?

In the conventional azimuth thrusters such as Z-drive and L-drive thrusters, the propeller is driven by an electric motor or a diesel engine inside the ship’s hull. In the Azipod unit, the electric motor is mounted inside the propulsion unit and the propeller is connected directly to the motor shaft.

What is the Azipod propulsion system?

Azipod® propulsion is a gearless steerable propulsion system where the electric drive motor is housed in a submerged pod outside the ship hull.

How does an azimuth thruster work?

In an azimuth thruster the propeller rotates 360° around the vertical axis so the unit provides propulsion, steering and positioning thrust for superior manoeuvrability. Designs have been developed for propulsion and dynamic positioning in response to market requirements.

Who makes azimuth thruster?

Rexpeller, the “King of Propellers,” is the name of Kawasaki’s outstanding line of azimuth thrusters. A fully azimuth-steerable thruster, the Rexpeller works as a propulsor and a rudder all in one.

What is an Azipod on a cruise ship?

Azipod® propulsion is a gearless steerable propulsion system where the electric drive motor is housed within a pod outside the ship hull.

What is azimuth stern drive?

Azimuth, more commonly known as ASD (Azimuth Stern Drive), equipped with two stern engines capable of generating a 360°, all directional propulsion force. ASD tugs normally have a towing winch forward and, when commercially required, a towing winch and/or towing hook aft.

What are ship thrusters?

marine. Manoeuvering devices designed to deliver side thrust or thrust through 360°. Thrusters are used to allow ships to be more independent from tugs, give them more manoeuvrability for special tasks, and in some cases give them a “take home” capability.

Did the Titanic have bow thrusters?

Also, the Titanic 2 is designed to have two bow thrusters. An additional “safety deck” between C and D decks for lifeboats and marine evacuation systems, with the boat deck housing replicas of the original lifeboats.

Why choose azimuth thrusters for ice?

Azimuth thrusters offer great flexibility in different ice management situations by using the thruster wake and propeller in close contact with the ice. Electric propulsion with Azipod propulsors has been successfully used with such vessels for many years, and the system itself has proved reliable when operating in ice.

What are the specs of a Aquamaster azimuth thrusters Aquamaster propeller?

Aquamaster AZIMUTH THRUSTERS AQUAMASTER PROPULSION UNIT Technical data 514·9840/1/2: Service Manual Type ofunit AQUAMASTER US 255 Length from driving shaft to propeller shaft 3500 mm Input power 2030 kW Speed ofdriving shaft 900 RPM Maximum torque ofdriving shaft 21.54 kNm Gear ratio 3.888:1 Propeller diameter 2700 mm

What is ABB Azipod®?

Integrated ABB power and propulsion package win from Colombo Dockyard brings milestone Azipod® installation for advanced cable-laying and repair vessel that will support offshore wind farms.

What is the difference between mechanical thrusters and Azipod® propulsion?

While mechanical thrusters have complex transmission with gears and shafts, the Azipod® propulsion has only electrical cables between the power source and the thruster unit.