What is the difference between a bezel setting and a prong setting?

What is the difference between a bezel setting and a prong setting?

A bezel setting is a popular way to mount gemstones on rings and other jewelry. Whereas a prong setting uses small pins to hold the stone in place, a bezel setting encircles all or part of the gemstone with a strip of metal. Click here to design your own diamond ring with a setting of your choice.

How thick should bezel wire be?

Most bezel wire is between 28-30 gauge thickness, though you can get it up to 22 gauge in thickness, but that is only for straight bezel wire. Bezel wire is made of fine silver because it is a softer metal and is much easier to push over the stone than sterling.

How do you darken a bezel?

Continue burnishing the bezel over the stone. This will work-harden the metal, making sure the stone stays in place, as well as makes the bezel nice and shiny. Once burnishing is complete, you can leave as is, or, as shown here, use a patina solution such as Liver of Sulfur to darken the metal.

How do you attach stones to a bezel Cup?

File and sand the bezel cup – finish with 400 grit sandpaper. Next, (not shown) solder bezel cup to ring base or other component for your piece of jewelry. A jump ring for a bail, pin back for brooch, etc. Once all soldering and clean-up has been completed, place the stone in the bezel.

How do you fix a bezel on a sterling silver watch?

Solder the bezel to a flat piece of sterling silver using Hard or Medium solder Place the small pieces of solder on the inside of the bezel for easier clean up. Heat from below to avoid melting the bezel and to control flow of solder. Pickle, rinse.

How do you shape a silver bezel around a stone?

Shape fine silver bezel wire around stone to determine length, mark and cut. You want the bezel to be slightly larger than the stone – but not too loose. Knowing the right length will come with practice. Trim any extra height from the bezel with snips. Step 4: File the Ends Flush.