What is the densest foam board?

What is the densest foam board?

Many conventional foams have a density between 1LB and 3LB. However, the densest materials can be as much as 10 or 15LB. High-density foam, Like The Foam Factory’s 2.8LB density HD36-HQ foam, is optimal for uses that receive heavy or daily use like couch cushions, bedding, or automobile seating.

What is high density Styrofoam?

High density foam is a very firm foam that generally makes up the bottom layer of popular memory foam mattresses. High density foam is made of a blend of polyurethane and has a tendency to off-gas. If you are susceptible to lung issues, please do additional research on the quality of foams before purchasing.

What are the different types of foam board?

When building or renovating a high-performance building envelope there are really three main kinds of rigid foam panels you are going to have to choose from – Polyisocyanurate known as Polyiso (PIR), Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) – often called Styrofoam – and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

What is a good foam density?

Foam densities can range from as low as 0.8 pcf to as high as 6 pcf, with a sufficient range being between 0.9 to 2.5 pcf.

What is the density of foam board?

CoreLite Board Specifications

Dimensions Imperial Metric
Density 28 Lbs/ft³ 450 Kg/m³
Width 48″ 1220mm
Length 96″ 2440mm
Thickness from 1/8″ to 2″ from 3 to 50.8mm

How thick is r15 rigid insulation?

3 in
Additional Information

Thickness 3 in
Width 4 ft
Edge Type Square
R Value R-15
ASTM C578 Type IV

Which rigid foam insulation is best?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), or beadboard, serves as the best insulating rigid foam for homeowners on a budget. This material costs less than other rigid foam boards, but still offers an R–value of 3.6 to 4.2 per inch, according to Fine Homebuilding.

What is Dow blue board?

Dupont Styrofoam™ Insulation (Blue Board) is a nonstructural, rigid board insulation manufactured of Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS). First manufactured by Dow in 1941, Dow/Dupont’s blue colored extruded polystyrene has been an industry leader ever since.