What is the correct spelling for Totalling?

What is the correct spelling for Totalling?

You should use totaled with primarily American audiences, and totalled with predominantly British audiences. You can remember that totalled is the British English version since it shares the double L with the British towns Bexhill-on-Sea, Gillingham, and New Mills.

How do you spell Recognised in Australia?

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American Spelling Australian Spelling
recognize recognise
stylized stylised
summarize summarise
theater theatre

How do you spell installment in Australia?

Usage notes

  1. Both spellings are common in Commonwealth countries outside the UK.
  2. Australian authorities only allow this spelling of instalment.
  3. US prefers installment.

How do you use Totalling?

Totalling sentence example The following new single lines totalling 288 km. During the night Grant’s detached division (Lew Wallace’s) and Buell’s army came up, totalling 25,000 fresh troops, and at 5 A.M.

What does the word totaling mean?

1 : a product of addition : sum. 2 : an entire quantity : amount. total. verb. totaled or totalled; totaling or totalling.

How do you spell Finalised in Australia?

The established usage of the word ‘finalise’ (to complete) is.. illustrative of the Australian variations of the English language… To ‘finalise a deal’ is an expression in daily use throughout the island-continent. The word moved from Australia and New Zealand to the UK.

Is installment or Instalment?

An instalment (or installment in American English) usually refers to either: A single payment within a staged payment plan of a loan or a hire purchase (installment plan)

How do u spell Artic?

The spelling “artic” arises because it’s the phonetic spelling of the way most people would prefer to pronounce “arctic.” The reality is that the word “arctic” has two sounds, or phonemes, in the middle of the word that make it tricky to say.

How do Australians spell Aussie?

Aussie is Australian slang for Australian, both the adjective and the noun, and less commonly, Australia. Aussie can be used in the form of an adjective or noun.

What is Totalling in accounting?

1. An amount obtained by addition; a sum. 2. The whole amount of something; the entirety: The storm damaged the total of the housing units.