What is the biggest fire in Cape Town?

What is the biggest fire in Cape Town?

The 2015 Cape wildfires were a series of wildfires that burned across the Western Cape from February to April 2015….

2015 Western Cape fire season
Burned area Over 11 800 ha
Cause Arson, lightning
Land use Agriculture
Buildings destroyed 13

What started the fire in Cape Town?

An independent report has ruled out natural causes for the fire that raged on Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Park in April, scorching about 600 hectares of land. The fire started at the foot of the park and blazed for three days — fuelled by warm temperatures and strong winds — before being contained.

When did the Cape Town fire start?

April 18
The fire that started on the slopes of Table Mountain on April 18 this year quickly swept through the University of Cape Town campus. The world watched in horror as the African Studies Library was burned to the ground.

Which UCT buildings are on fire?

On Sunday, 18 April, a runaway fire destroyed the Jagger Reading Room and caused damage in Upper Campus Residence (interim name), Fuller Hall residence, the HW Pearson building, as well as Cadboll House and La Grotta.

Is the Rhodes fire under control?

“Since the early morning hours, the fire that started on Sunday, in the Island of Rhodes has been controlled after an ‘all night’ battle with the fire of all emergency services of the Island.

What was the largest wildfire in the world?

2003 Russian wildfires – more than 200,000 km2 (77,000 sq mi) (20 million hectares), primarily Boreal forest, were burned in southern Siberia from 14 March-8 August. Direct carbon emissions were around 400-640 TgC (440–710 million short tons; 390–630 million long tons).

How many fire stations are there in Cape Town?

30 fire stations
The City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue Service (CTFRS) consists of 30 fire stations and deals with all types of fires, emergencies and rescues.

How long was the Table Mountain fire?

It broke out at approximately 4 p.m. on 26 January 2006 above Tafelberg Road, and spread quickly due to dry conditions and strong winds of up to 60 knots (110 km/h; 69 mph)….2006 Table Mountain fire.

Table Mountain Fire (2006)
Burning close to Vredehoek, 27 January
Location Table Mountain National Park, South Africa

What caused the fire on Table Mountain today?

Table Mountain & UCT fire was possibly caused by malicious act says report. Cape Town – Two months after a devastating fire ravaged over 600 hectares of Table Mountain and parts of the University of Cape Town an independent report reveals that it was started during a malicious act.

What happened at the Stellenbosch University Residence?

On Monday, 12 August 2019, a fire broke out at the Stellenbosch University residence Huis ten Bosch at around 19:00. The fire in this residence for female students was brought under control by 20:30, and all 164 residents were brought to safety.

What caused the fires in Stellenbosch and tulbach?

The Cape Winelands District Municipality says about 80% of the fire in Tulbach and Stellenbosch has been contained. The first fire broke out in Kluitjieskraal in Tulbach, which was fuelled by an old pine plantation, on Saturday afternoon. The second fire in Jonkershoek Plantation in Stellenbosch, was fuelled by strong winds.

Where are the fires in the Cape Winelands?

On Saturday afternoon, the first fire broke out in Kluitjieskraal in Tulbach which was fuelled by an old pine plantation. The Cape Winelands District Municipality says about 80% of the fire in Tulbach and Stellenbosch has been contained.

What happened at Huis Ten Bosch?

The roof above eight rooms on the third floor of Huis ten Bosch was damaged. The University’s Centre for Student Counselling and Development’s 24-hour crisis service, in collaboration with ER24, has been activated and can be contacted on 010 205 3032.