What is the best point guard build for NBA 2K series?

What is the best point guard build for NBA 2K series?

Best Point/Shooting Guard Builds for NBA 2k series It’s rather lonely playing sports games on a site like this. Shooter’s Delight – Ray Allen edition This one is for my homies – Chris Paul mold Road Rage (or “When I drive, there’s no one stopping me”) – Russell Westbrook style

Who is the best shooting guard of all time?

All-Time #NBArank: Michael Jordan tops list of best shooting guards 1 Michael Jordan. I have nothing insightful to add here. 2 Kobe Bryant. Was Kobe the next Michael Jordan? 3 Jerry West. 4 Dwyane Wade. 5 Clyde Drexler. 6 Allen Iverson. 7 George Gervin. 8 Ray Allen. 9 Reggie Miller. 10 Earl Monroe.

Who is the NBA’s All-Time leading 3-point shooter?

The all-time leader in made 3-pointers, nobody created more fear off the ball than Allen. — Adams He really proved how, in the 21st century, a player could provide elite value without dominating the ball.

Is Dwyane Wade one of the best shooting guards of all time?

It’s a testament to Wade’s uncanny shot-making and driving ability that he’s considered one of the greatest shooting guards of all time despite never developing a reliable jump shot. — Adams

What is the best build for a shooting guard in basketball?

When it comes to the shooting guard position, you can pursue a catch-and-shoot outside threat build or a three-level scorer build; focusing your skillset towards a particular direction is generally better than spreading yourself thin across the board.

What is the best score cap for a shooting guard build?

Interior Defense: A score cap of 45 is adequate for the best shooting guard build as you’re not going to be expected to defend inside against any centers any time soon. The prowess of the best shooting guard lies in shooting, shooting, and more shooting.

What is a good driving dunk for shooting guards?

Driving Dunk: As a shooting guard, you should not be worrying too much about getting to dunk. Anything above 70 in this stat is a waste of stat points that can be put to better use elsewhere.