What is the best material for a bathroom radiator?

What is the best material for a bathroom radiator?


  • Aluminium is the latest material of choice for radiator manufacturers.
  • Aluminium radiators heat up and cool down very quickly thanks to their super conductivity, so they are also the best at regulating the temperature of a room.
  • Of course aluminium does have its downsides as a radiator material.

Are chrome radiators any good?

Chrome possesses a low emissivity value, which means it tends to contain heat and struggle to transmit it to the same extent as other materials. Even so, it remains a popular finish for radiators and heated towel rails – just be sure to check the heat output specifications before committing to buy.

Do chrome bathroom radiators rust?

However, over time, whether it’s through leaks, condensation or lack of maintenance, rust can form on the surface of the chrome. Fortunately, as long as the rust hasn’t gone deep down into the steel, it’s fairly easy to get rust off your chrome radiator and make it look like new again.

Are stainless steel radiators any good?

Stainless steel radiators are the easy-choice radiator of the different radiator materials. They conduct well but also keep their warmth for a while, and are easy to look after because they don’t rust. They’re not as cheap as mild steel, but prices start at an affordable level.

Do stainless steel towel radiators rust?

Stainless Steel is a timeless beauty, and the best material radiators can be crafted from. It does not corrode, rust or stain with water as ordinary steel could potentially do. So you can be sure that if you leave your damp towels to dry out on it won’t degrade over time.

Are white towel radiators better than Chrome?

A white towel rail will help to develop a feeling of cleanliness in your bathroom and give an impression of crispness and hygiene. Chrome, on the other hand, can help give your bathroom a more uniform look by tying everything in together in a more sleek and contemporary style.

How long do chrome towel rails last?

It should last at least 10 years but there are some awful cheap jobs around.

Is chrome or stainless steel better for bathroom?

Think about other furniture in your home, for example a wooden table; solid oak may be a more durable option than a veneered product. If you are looking for high quality products that will last for years to come, then look no further, stainless steel bathroom accessories would be the ideal product for you.

What is the difference between chrome and stainless steel radiators?

Comparing the two materials for towel radiators, a stainless steel promises more durability and longevity unlike chrome-plated towel rails. Heat Conductivity: Comparing different types of radiator materials reveals that stainless steel towel rails are far more (around 15% than chrome) better in conducting heat.

Which metal is best for radiators?

Yes, aluminium radiators are the best of all the different radiator materials. They’re superconductors that heat fast and spread the heat fast. They have the highest possible BTU output and best responsiveness, but also the highest price.

Are towel radiators warm enough?

Are towel rails as warm as radiators? A towel rail usually gives out less heat than a radiator, however, if it has been sized correctly, then it should still be able to make your bathroom a warm and cosy place. A towel rail might take less time to heat up than a radiator.