What is stealer plate in ship?

What is stealer plate in ship?

Stealer Plate – An ‘L’-shaped plate found generally at the extremities of the vessel where deck stringers or hull plates are reduced from a triple width to a double width.

What is stealer strake?

A single wide plate which replace two narrow plates in adjacent strake of a ship. Stringer: A horizontal stiffener fitted along the ships’ side or a longitudinal bulkhead, in order to provide strength and rigidity.

Why sheer strake is thicker?

Shear strake is usually of higher thickness and strength than other strakes. This is because this strake can have lot of physical damages during the life of ship.

What is strake in ship construction?

On a vessel’s hull, a strake is a longitudinal course of planking or plating which runs from the boat’s stempost (at the bows) to the sternpost or transom (at the rear). The word derives from traditional wooden boat building methods, used in both carvel and clinker construction.

What is buttock line in ship?

Buttock-line meaning (aviation, ship-building) A curve indicating the shape of an airfoil or nautical equivalent in a vertical plane parallel to the longitudinal axis of the craft or vessel.

What is shell of ship?

The dictionary meaning of the shell is “hard outer covering”. So shell plating is whatever we see on outer side of the ship. One of the main purpose of shell plating is to provide watertight skin of the ship. Apart from that it also adds to the longitudinal strength of the ship.

What is a sheer Strake?

Definition of sheer strake : the upper strake of shell plating at the main deck in a steel ship or the top line of planking in a wooden ship.

What is Oxter plate?

Definition of oxter plate : a molded plate used to continue the shell plates immediately above the propeller aperture of a ship.

What is panting Stringer?

Panting stringers are longitudinal stiffening members formed in a closed rounded-triangular shape (peak being the fore end) by the side stringers on both sides and the collision bulkhead at its end. Most of the time the angle pillars along with the panting beams are joined to the wash bulkhead.

What is bulkhead in ship?

marine. Vertical partition walls which subdivide the ship interior into watertight compartments. Bulkheads reduce the extent of seawater flooding in case of damage and provide additional stiffness to the hull girder. They can be flat or corrugated.

What is girder in ship?

Girders: A girder is a longitudinal member used in the construction of the bottom of a ship. They can be solid or not and can be placed above the keel (centre girder) or spaced equal distances from it (side girders). They can be continuous or divided by floor sections (intercostal side girders).