What is split shank wedding ring?

What is split shank wedding ring?

A split-shank engagement ring is a style featuring a band that parts as it reaches the center setting. Typically, these designs will have a visible gap between the band and the center diamond or halo. This can have the effect of making the ring appear larger and more ornate.

What does shank mean in rings?

The ring shank, or what is commonly referred to as the band, is the portion of the ring that encircles the finger. The shank is an important design element affecting both the appearance of the ring and how it feels to the wearer.

Can a split shank ring be resized?

It’s also possible to resize a ring using items called sizing assistants. These are small balls that sit inside the shank of the ring and keep it on your partner’s finger. Sizing assistants are usually fitted to engagement rings that fit slightly too large and rotate on your partner’s finger.

Are split shank rings popular?

Popularity of split shank engagement rings Split shank rings are a very popular choice for engagement rings. They’ve skyrocketed in popularity during the past two decades, particularly among celebrities.

What is a shank band?

As the name implies, a split shank has rows of bands that split away from the center stone and then converge at some point to wrap around the finger. This allows the shank to be more spread out, in turn making the ring take up more space on your finger and giving it a larger appearance.

What happens if a ring doesn’t fit?

If the ring doesn’t fit, it’s time to head back to the jeweler to have your ring resized. While the process is fairly simple, it’s not something most people are familiar with—unless, of course, they’ve already gone through it. “Resizing a ring usually takes one to two weeks,” says Gandia.

Do couples shop for engagement rings together?

Do Couples Look at Engagement Rings Together? Absolutely! If the idea of an engagement has been on the table for a while, many couples choose to explore engagement ring options together long before the proposal actually happens.