What is Siebel API?

What is Siebel API?

The Siebel REST API is enabled by configuring and deploying a Siebel Application Interface profile. The Siebel Application Interface profile can be deployed to multiple Siebel Application Interface nodes. The Siebel REST API exposes Siebel Business Objects, Siebel Business Services, and Siebel Repository Objects.

What is Siebel configuration?

Configuration is the process of altering a predefined Siebel application to meet business requirements. This can range from making minor changes, such as adding text box controls and their underlying fields, to creating a new user interface or creating new business entities.

What is Siebel application interface?

Siebel Application Interface enables communication between Siebel Web Clients and Siebel Servers. Siebel applications are a family of Web-based applications that users access through a standard Web browser. Several components work together to deliver the applications to end users: Siebel Web Client.

What database does Siebel use?

These features are supported for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) databases used as backend databases for Siebel.

What is Siebel architecture?

At a high level, the Siebel architecture consists of: Web clients that access the business data. A Web server that handles interactions with the Web clients. Servers that manage the business data and provide batch and interactive services for clients. A relational database and file system that store business data.

How do you configure Siebel application?

Siebel has to be configured in a specific sequence:

  1. Create a Gateway Name Server.
  2. Configure an enterprise in the Gateway Name Server.
  3. Check the ODBC connection strings.
  4. Run the DB Configuration utilities to install the Siebel Database.
  5. Configure the Siebel Application Server.
  6. Create a web server logical profile.

What is the future of Siebel CRM?

Future of Siebel CRM Software: No plans to End Support for Siebel CRM: The updated Oracle Lifetime Support policy now clearly states that there are no plans to end support for Siebel CRM. No plans to end support is Oracle’s commitment to ongoing investment in Siebel CRM and innovation.

What is ZooKeeper in Siebel?

ZooKeeper is a centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization, and providing group services.

What is Siebel AI?

Siebel (/ˈsiːbəl/; born November 20, 1952) is an American billionaire businessman, technologist, and author. He was the founder of enterprise software company Siebel Systems and is the founder, chairman, and CEO of C3.ai, an artificial intelligence software platform and applications company.

What is the difference between Siebel and Salesforce?

Siebel is a multi-faceted, enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) product offering vertical functionality and platforms, while Salesforce.com is multi-tenant, offering limited scope and an environment that is less “risk-free” than popularly acknowledged. But, Siebel is far more robust, reliable and flexible.

What is Siebel server?

The Siebel Server is the middle-tier platform that supports both back-end and interactive processes for every Siebel client. These processes are components within the Siebel Server architecture and support functions like the following: Mobile Web Client synchronization.

What are the different layers in Siebel?

Siebel object definitions are grouped into the middle three layers. The physical RDBMS database occupies the bottom layer….Siebel Object Architecture

  • Physical User Interface Layer.
  • Logical User Interface Layer.
  • Business Objects Layer.
  • Data Objects Layer.
  • DBMS.

How do I enable the Siebel REST API?

The Siebel REST API is provided with the Siebel Application Interface installation. For more information about installing Siebel Application Interface, see Siebel Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows. The Siebel REST API is enabled by configuring and deploying a Siebel Application Interface profile.

What is the Siebel application interface?

The Siebel Application Interface provides the Web entry point to Siebel Business Application services. The Siebel Application Interface interacts with the Siebel Server and Gateway Server to manage and fulfill Siebel REST requests.

What is the Siebel Management Console?

Siebel Management Console: The Siebel Management Console is a Web-based application that allows users to configure various Siebel Application components and save the configurations in the Siebel Gateway Server.

What are the supported Siebel CRM resources?

Siebel resources include: Business Objects, Repository Objects, and Business Services. The request URI contains the object type of the invoked Siebel CRM resource. For example, Account Business Component under Account Business Object. For more information about the supported Siebel CRM resources, About Siebel CRM REST API Supported Resources.