What is RRC connection reconfiguration?

What is RRC connection reconfiguration?

A RRC connection reconfiguration procedure is used to establish, modify or release radio bearers (e.g. DRBs (Data Radio Bearer)). Upon a successful handover, the UE responds with a message “RRC connection reconfiguration complete”.

What is RRC connection setup in LTE?

The RRC CONNECTION SETUP message is used to establish SRB1. It contains configuration information for SRB1. This allows subsequent signaling to use the DCCH logical channel. The configuration for SRB1 can be a specific configuration or the default configuration.

Why is RRC connection needed?

RRC Connection Establishment procedure lets user inform network what it wants to do- attach, tracking area update, service request etc. It is used to make transition from RRC IDLE mode to RRC CONNECTED mode.

Which layer establishes radio bearers LTE?

Radio bearers are channels offered by Layer 2 to higher layers for the transfer of either user or control data.

What is LTE mo data?

Mo-data : Usually used for UE coming back from idle mode if it has data to send or if it has to make a call. Mo-signaling : Most commonly observed for TAUs and Attach messages. Mt-access : Idle UE responds to a paging message. Emergency.

What is RRC reconfiguration in 5G?

The RRC Connection Reconfiguration message is sent to activate the default radio bearer. The message also carries the Attach Accept message as NAS Payload. The message includes measurement objects for 5G NR frequencies.

What happens when a LTE UE is powered on?

A UE performs cell search on all frequencies before selecting or re-selecting to a cell. In an LTE system, two types of synchronization signals for cell search: primary synchronization signals (PSS) and secondary synchronization signals (SSS).

What is DRB in LTE?

Data Radio Bearer. In LTE there are two main types of bearers, namely the SRB (Signalling Radio Bearer) and the DRB (Data Radio Bearer). The DRB is used to carry the data associated with an EPS bearer.

What are the two modes of RRC?

6.1 General. An overall picture of the transitions between RR modes of operation and RRC states and modes is in Figure 6.1. 1. The RRC modes are RRC-Idle mode and RRC-Connected mode.

What is RRC connected user?

Connected User : User (UE) that are in RRC Connected. Active User : User (UE) that are in RRC Connected and undergoing User Data Transaction and you may include the UE that performing Signaling Messages (e.g, sending Measurement Report etc) as well.

What is Qci in LTE?

QoS Class Identifier (QCI) is a mechanism used in 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks to ensure carrier traffic is allocated appropriate Quality of Service (QoS).

How many LTE bearers are there?

The maximum of 11 still holds in 4G/LTE networks. Figure 1 shows the relationship between bearers and P-GWs.

What is the RRC connection reconfiguration message used for?

RRC Connection Setup,RRC Connection Reconfiguration and RRC Connection Re-establishment messages are used to configure UE measurement reporting,i.e they replace the Measurement Control message used by UMTS. The eNode B can request the UE to complete the following types of measurements:

How does the RRC connection reconfiguration procedure work in E-UTRAN?

E-UTRAN may initiate the RRC connection reconfiguration procedure to a UE in RRC_CONNECTED. E-UTRAN applies the procedure as follows: – the mobilityControlInfo is included only when AS-security has been activated, and SRB2 with at least one DRB are setup and not suspended;

What is RRC-connected mode and how does it work?

When a UE is in RRC-CONNECTED mode, this measurement configuration is provided to the UE by means of dedicated signaling; typically using the RRC Connection Reconfiguration message.

What triggers Nr RRC reconfiguration on UE?

Following sequence shows what triggers NR RRC Reconfiguration on UE. As you see here, this can be triggered by LTE (in NSA (Non-Standalone) deployment) or by NR (in SA (Standalone) deployment). As you can guess from the word itself, the major functionality of RrcReconfiguration is to setup or modify RRC configuration.