What is RED HORSE in the Air Force?

What is RED HORSE in the Air Force?

RED HORSE stands for Rapid Engineer Deployable, Heavy Operational Repair Squadron, Engineer.

How many Red Horse squadrons are there?

Four of the Air Force’s seven RED HORSE squadrons are active duty. The remainder are provided by the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command. The latter are split units, with the two halves being located at different bases and serving under different commanders.


Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers

Active 1965-present
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Role Combat Engineering

How do you become a red horse in the Air Force?

The baseline for each member is a composite score of 90 percent or above on the Air Force and Army physical fitness tests, completion of a 12-mile ruck with 40 pounds in three hours or less, and complete an obstacle course after strenuous circuit training for 15 minutes.

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When was red horse founded?

October 1965
RED HORSE was established in October 1965 when the first two squadrons –554th and 555th — were activated. These units were trained and then deployed to Vietnam in early 1966 to provide a heavier engineering capability than Prime BEEF.

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What does the 823d Red Horse do?

The 823d RED HORSE Squadron is home-based at Hurlburt Field, Florida. It is an enabler to the Air Expeditionary Construct. As an Air Combat Command asset, the 823d RED HORSE’s primary wartime responsibility is to provide a highly rapid deployable self sufficient civil engineer response force to support contingency and special operations worldwide.

Where is the 823rd RED HORSE Squadron located?

823rd RED HORSE Squadron/Detachment 1. The Silver Flag Exercise Site, located at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., is home to Detachment 1, 823d RED HORSE Squadron.

What does Red Horse stand for?

The 823d RED HORSE Squadron, or Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer, is assigned to the Air Combat Command and is an associate unit on Hurlburt Field. This squadron is one of only four active-duty units of its kind in the Air Force. The RED HORSE squadron is highly mobile and self-sufficient.

When was the 823rd Civil Engineering Squadron in the Air Force?

Redesignated as 823 Civil Engineering Squadron (Heavy Repair), and activated, on 6 Apr 1966. Organized on 15 May 1966. Redesignated as: 823 Civil Engineering Squadron, Heavy Repair on 15 Oct 1969; Inactivated on 15 Jul 1971. Activated on 1 Jun 1972.