What is Rapid Bay known for?

What is Rapid Bay known for?

Rapid Bay is known for its steep cliffs, caves, beach, two jetties and associated artificial reef. Rapid Bay is also a popular recreational fishing site, with fishing possible from shore, boat, kayak and the deck of the public jetty. The historic industrial jetty is permanently closed due to its state of natural decay.

What happened to the Rapid Bay Jetty?

The jetty was last used commercially in 1990, and has fallen into a state of disrepair. The jetty was closed just before Christmas, 2004. The future of the jetty is now uncertain. The Rapid Bay Jetty is used by many anglers and divers.

Who owns Rapid Bay Quarry?

Brighton Cement
Sold this quarry to Brighton Cement in 1981, at which point it had produced an approx 15,000,000 tonnes.

What was mined at Rapid Bay?

The open cut mine at Rapid Bay was a major source of limestone for Broken Hill Proprietary Ltd (BHP) during the years 1942 – 1981. The limestone was shipped to BHP’s steelworks at Whyalla, Newcastle and Port Kembla where it was used as metallurgical flux in production of steel.

What did they mine at Rapid Bay?

Can you fish off Rapid Bay Jetty?

Rapid Bay, or Rapid Bay jetty, as the area is quite well-known for, comes next on our list. Located along the Fleurieu Peninsula, this tucked away fishing spot is another location abundant with good catches. But it is the historic jetty at Rapid Bay that is great to just cast a line out and try your luck.

What fish are biting at Rapid Bay?

Rapid Bay, Fleurieu Peninsula Tommy ruff, Snook, garfish and the occasional King George whiting have also been known to frequent the area. But it is the historic jetty at Rapid Bay that is great to just cast a line out and try your luck.

Can a squid bite?

More than 200,000 venomous animal species are known to science, including bees, snakes, spiders, jellyfish, mosquitoes and snails. It was recently discovered that octopuses, cuttlefish and squid are venomous, capable of delivering a toxic bite.