What is pulau Nias famous for?

What is pulau Nias famous for?

Nias is an internationally famous surfing destination. The best known surfing area is Sorake Bay, close to the town of Teluk Dalam, on the southern tip. Enclosed by the beaches of Lagundri and Sorake, the bay has both left and right-hand breaks. As they wait for waves, surfers can often see sea turtles swimming below.

How do you get to Nias Island?

The most certain way to get to Nias from Sumatra is heading to the Sibolga Port. Ferries depart every day to the Gunung Situoli Port, 5 kilometers away from the town. The journey is a pleasure and takes approximately from 8 to 12 hours. Night trips are available.

Where is Nias Island?

Nias, Indonesian Pulau Nias, island, Sumatera Utara propinsi (province), Indonesia. The largest island in a chain paralleling the west coast of Sumatra, Nias has a topography much like that of western Sumatra but without volcanoes. The highest elevation is 2,907 feet (886 metres).

Why might the people in Nias islands be isolated?

Covered in dense tropical jungle, the islands of Nias and the Mentawai chain are located off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Strong currents and rough seas have isolated the islands and people have developed unique cultures connected to the forest.

How far is Nias and Mentawai islands from Sumatra?

They mark the western limit of the Indonesian archipelago. Situated just north of the equator, Nias Island is 120 kilometres from the mainland, between Simeulue Island in the north and Mentawai Islands in the south. Nias Island is part of the province of North Sumatra.

What is the meaning of Nias?


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NIAS National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (Japan)
NIAS Northern Ireland Ambulance Service
NIAS Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies
NIAS National Innovation Awareness Strategy (Australia)

Where is Nias surf spot?

Lagundri Bay
Nias’s best surf spot is unquestionably Lagundri Bay. Shaped like a horseshoe, the bay is home to the island’s best break—The Point (otherwise known simply as Nias).

How do I get from Padang to Nias?

#1 Getting there Situated near North Sumatra, you can take flight to Gunung Sitoli (Nias gateway) from Medan city or Padang city depending on where you are. There are several airlines that operate from and to Gunung Sitoli. From Gunung Sitoli you need to go to Sibolga and take ferries to Nias island.

Where do Mentawai people live?

The Mentawai are the indigenous people of the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra, Indonesia. They live mainly on Siberut Island, which is about 5 hours by speedboat from Padang City, the capital of West Sumatra. Usually a few families of the tribe live together in wooden houses that stand on pillars, called Uma.

What caused the Nias earthquake?

Earthquake and damage Despite the proximity of the epicenter to that for the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, it ruptured a separate segment of the Sunda megathrust and was most likely triggered by stress changes associated with that earlier event.

What is the fifth largest island in Indonesia?

Java island becomes the fifth biggest island in Indonesia with about 126.700 km square of large. The highest place claims at the 3,676 m high which located in the mount of Semeru in the east of Java province.

What language do they speak in Sumatra?

Like all parts of Indonesia, Indonesian (which was based on Riau Malay) is the official language and the main lingua franca. Although Sumatra has its own local lingua franca, variants of Malay like Medan Malay and Palembang Malay are popular in North and South Sumatra, especially in urban areas.

What is the meaning of Nias in English?

Nias, Malay, Batak, and Chinese. Nīas (Indonesian: Pulau Nias, Nias language: Tanö Niha) is an island located on the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Nias is also the name of the archipelago (Kepulauan Nias) of which the island is the centre, but also includes the Batu Islands to the south-east and the small Hinako Islands.

What is South Nias Regency?

South Nias Regency covers the bottom part of Nias Island and it is the largest district on Nias Island. South Nias also includes the Telos (Batu Islands), a group of Island between Nias and Mentawai.

What is the capital of Nias island province?

Teluk Dalam is the capital of Nias Selatan Regency, Lötu of Nias Utara Regency, Lahömi of Nias Barat Regency, and Gidö of Nias Regency. All parties in the North Sumatra Legislative Council have agreed to the formation of a Nias Island province (comprising Nias, Nias Selatan, Nias Utara and Nias Barat regencies, and Gunungsitoli municipality).

Where to surf in South Nias?

South Nias also includes the Telos (Batu Islands), a group of Island between Nias and Mentawai. Without a doubt the south is the most popular area of Nias and in the past the overwhelming majority of visitors were surfers heading to Sorake and the waves in Lagundri Bay.