What is Pixie Lotts real name?

What is Pixie Lotts real name?

Victoria Louise Lott
Pixie Lott/Full name

Victoria Louise Lott (born 12 January 1991), better known by her stage name Pixie Lott, is an English singer and songwriter.

How much is Pixie worth?

Pixie reportedly has a net worth of $3million.

Who is pixie sister?

Charlie-Ann Lott
Pixie Lott/Sisters

Who is Pixie Lott’s parents?

Beverley Lott
Stephen Lott
Pixie Lott/Parents

Who has Pixie Lott dated?

Pixie Lott took the “less is more” mantra very literally as she appeared to ditch her underwear for a date night with her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire. The Cry Me Out singer, 30, took to her Instagram account on Wednesday to share a photo of herself in a barely-there outfit she wore on their night out.

Is Pixie married?

As well as releasing more music, Pixie also became a coach on The Voice Kids in 2017 and has continued in the role to this day. Away from the showbiz world, Pixie has been engaged to her fiancé for five years, but they are still yet to get married.

Does Pixie Lott have any siblings?

Charlie-Ann Lott
Stephen Lott II
Pixie Lott/Siblings

Did Pixie Lott get married?

ITV Pride of Britain: Pixie Lott’s fiancé who she still hasn’t married after five years for one interesting reason. All About Tonight singer Pixie Lott has been engaged to her fiancée for five years, but one thing has held them back from fully tying the knot.

Does Pixie Lott have a brother?

Stephen Lott II
Pixie Lott/Brothers

What are your top 3 favourite songs by Pixie Lott?

1 Turn It Up (2009) 2 Young Foolish Happy (2011) 3 Pixie Lott (2014)

Where did the Lott family live in London?

Lott was born in Bromley, England, on 12 January 1991, the third child of stockbroker Stephen J. and Beverley A. (née Martin) Lott. The family initially lived in Petts Wood and then Bickley, all suburban areas of London.

What are the different Pixie Collection ranges?

The first Pixie Collection comprised two ranges: Pixie Festival and Pixie Party. Lott’s second collection for Lipsy was launched in September 2010 and consisted of a new range, Pixie Rocks, and an updated Pixie Party collection.

When did Kelly Lott appear on The X Factor?

In July 2010, Lott appeared as a guest judge for the auditions for the seventh series of The X Factor in Cardiff, covering for Dannii Minogue, who was on maternity leave. Lott also performed on the main stage at the V Festival in August 2010.