What is peripeteia in literature?

What is peripeteia in literature?

peripeteia, (Greek: “reversal”) the turning point in a drama after which the plot moves steadily to its denouement. It is discussed by Aristotle in the Poetics as the shift of the tragic protagonist’s fortune from good to bad, which is essential to the plot of a tragedy.

What is Fabulation in postmodernism?

Fabulation. Fabulation is a term sometimes used interchangeably with metafiction and relates to pastiche and Magic Realism. It is a rejection of realism which embraces the notion that literature is a created work and not bound by notions of mimesis and verisimilitude.

Is fabulation a word?

noun The act or result of fabulating ; a fabrication . noun literary criticism A style of modern fiction, similar to magical realism and postmodernism .

What is critical Fabulation?

The term “critical fabulation” signifies a writing methodology that combines historical and archival research with critical theory and fictional narrative. Hartman writes: “I think of my work as bridging theory and narrative.

How is John Proctor peripeteia?

Another major part of the tragic hero is that the hero must experience a reversal of fortune, also known as peripeteia caused by their own flaw. The beginning of Proctor’s series of unfortunate events began when Abigail got Proctor’s loved ones in trouble with the court. Proctor became infuriated.

What is Technoculture and hyperreality?

Technoculture and hyperreality capitalism” implies that society has moved past the industrial age and into the information age. Likewise, Jean Baudrillard claimed postmodernity was defined by a shift into hyperreality in which simulations have replaced the real.

What is Poioumenon?

Poioumenon meaning (literature) A specific type of metafiction in which the story is about the process of creation (sometimes the creation of the story itself).