What is NSNumber in Swift?

What is NSNumber in Swift?

NSNumber is a subclass of NSValue that offers a value as any C scalar (numeric) type. It defines a set of methods specifically for setting and accessing the value as a signed or unsigned char , short int , int , long int , long long int , float , or double or as a BOOL .

How do I add NSNumber?

You need to do this: NSNumber *eight = [NSNumber numberWithInt:([five intValue] + [three intValue])]; If you can, avoid using NSNumber for numeric operations (such as addition) and use int values instead. Just create a NSNumber when you finally need it (i.e. to use it in a cocoa library call).

How do I add two NSNumber accounts?

Use modern syntax: NSNumber *five = @5; NSNumber *three = @3; NSNumber *eight = @([five intValue] + [three intValue]);

What is __ NSCFNumber?

Technically, NSCFNumber is a private subclass of NSNumber , but that is an implementation detail which you don’t have to worry about. To get the integer value you would call [orientation integerValue]

How do I add strings in Objective C?

NSString * string1 = [[NSString alloc] initWithString:@”This is a test string.”]; NSMutableString * string2 = [string1 mutableCopy];…Working with NSMutableString.

Method Description
appendString Adds a string to the end of the receiving NSMutableString.

How do I add two NSNumber in Objective C?

How do I declare NSArray?

Creating an Array Object The NSArray class contains a class method named arrayWithObjects that can be called upon to create a new array object and initialize it with elements. For example: NSArray *myColors; myColors = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: @”Red”, @”Green”, @”Blue”, @”Yellow”, nil];

How do you make a bool in NSNumber?

The NSNumber version of BOOL’s, char’s, int’s and double’s can all be created by simply prefixing the corresponding primitive type with the @ symbol; however, unsigned int’s, long’s, and float’s must be appended with the U, L, or F modifiers, as shown below.

How do you use nsnsstring?

NSString’s search methods return an NSRange struct, which consists of a location and a length field. The location is the index of the beginning of the match, and the length is the number of characters in the match. If no match is found, location will contain NSNotFound.

What is the use of NSNumber in Java?

We can’t use primitive data types like int and float directly in Foundation classes. For that NSNumber is used as an object wrapper for these primitives. It’s main job is to store and retrieve primitive values to and from the box.

What is the use of NSString in Objective C?

Like NSNumber, NSString is also immutable type. It’s used to represent text in Objective-C. NSString provides built-in support for Unicode, which means that we can include UTF-8 characters directly in string literals. stringWithFormat: class method is useful for generating strings that are composed of variable values.