What is Notre Dame organum?

What is Notre Dame organum?

On April 15, 2019, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was severely damaged in a fire. As it happens, that church has a special place in music history. We’re talking about Notre Dame organum (accent on the first syllable). The term “organum” meant a Gregorian chant decorated with other notes sung against it in counterpoint.

What is an organum in music?

organum, plural Organa, originally, any musical instrument (later in particular an organ); the term attained its lasting sense, however, during the Middle Ages in reference to a polyphonic (many-voiced) setting, in certain specific styles, of Gregorian chant.

Who was the great composer of the Notre Dame style of organum?

Leonin (1150’s-1201) worked at the Notre Dame cathedral where he was affiliated with the Monastery of St. Victor. Leonin had a Master of Arts degree that he presumably received at the University of Paris. According to Anonymous IV Leonin was the best composer of organum at the cathedral.

What is melismatic organum in music?

When music is made up of people singing or playing different lines at the same time, it is said to be polyphonic. Melismatic Organum (11th and 12th Centuries): Added voice has melismas sung over held notes in the lower voice (which still presents the chant).

What period is Organum?

Organum is a genre of Medieval polyphonic music (music with two or more simultaneous, different voice parts) that reached the peak of its sophistication during the late 1100s-early 1200s in France.

What is the musical period of organum?

Organum (/ˈɔːrɡənəm/) is, in general, a plainchant melody with at least one added voice to enhance the harmony, developed in the Middle Ages.

What are the 3 types of organum?

#1 – Strict Simple Organum #2 – Strict Composite Organum #3 – Modified Parallel Organum #4 – Free Organum These examples come from the CD set of the Stolba Music History textbook.

What songs did leonin compose?


Year Title All Genres Choral Miscellaneous (Classical) Vocal Music
1201 Gloria: redemptori meo, trope for 2 voices (attrib.) Choral
11?? Magnus Liber Organi (attrib.) Vocal Music
Non vos relinquam, Homo quo vigeas Vocal Music
Organum duplum: Judaea et Jerusalem Vocal Music

What is the melody of organum Alleluia?

A single melody seemed to lay on top of a more steady set of long sustained notes but at times, more layers were created. This gave the song a continuous feeling until the first break with a brief pause. A monophonic melody followed, perhaps signifying the significance of those specific lyrics.

Which type of music was created by the Notre Dame School of composers?

The Notre Dame School, important to the history of music because it produced the earliest repertory of polyphonic (multipart) music to gain international prestige and circulation.