What is nave short for?

What is nave short for?


Acronym Definition
NAVE Nielsen Audio Video Encoder
NAVE Nebraska Animal Verification Enhancement
NAVE Navigating and Acting in Virtual Environments
NAVE Night Attack Vision Exploitation

What are dyads?

In sociology, a dyad (from the Greek: δυάς dyás, “pair”) is a group of two people, the smallest possible social group. As an adjective, “dyadic” describes their interaction. The pair of individuals in a dyad can be linked via romantic interest, family relation, interests, work, partners in crime, and so on.

What is the nave of a ship?

The word nave comes from the Latin navis, meaning “ship.” If you think of the central space of a big Gothic church with its high vaulted ceiling, it does kind of form the shape of a ship, doesn’t it? The nave is the area where the congregation sits. It’s usually rectangular in shape and filled with rows of benches.

What is called nave?

The term nave derives from the Latin navis, meaning “ship,” and it has been suggested that it may have been chosen to designate the main body of the building because the ship had been adopted as a symbol of the church. Medieval cathedral arranged on a cruciform plan. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

What are examples of dyads?

In psychology, a dyad refers to a pair of persons in an interactional situation. For example, a patient and therapist, a woman and her husband, a girl and her stepfather, etc. In chemistry, a dyad is a bivalent element.

What are dyads in biology class 11?

A dyad is a pair of sister chromatids. It occurs in prophase 1 of meiosis. So the correct option is ‘sister chromatids’.

What is in a nave?

The nave is the main space in the church. It is where the congregation sits. You only find aisles in larger churches when the builders wanted to make room for more people to get into the church. The altar ends of some aisles are used as chapels.

Where is the nave on a ship?

The nave is the central approach to the high altar, the main body of the church. ‘Nave’ (Medieval Latin navis, “ship”) was probably suggested by the shape of its vaulting resembling an upside-down hull (bottom of a ship).

What is another word for Twain?

What is another word for twain?

two pair
couple duo
twosome brace
dyad couplet
duplet duology