What is my postal code New Zealand?

What is my postal code New Zealand?

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Country Town/City Zipcode
New Zealand Ahuiti 4578
New Zealand Ahuriri 4144
New Zealand Ahuroa 984
New Zealand Aickens 7875

What is the postcode for Greerton Tauranga?

Greerton Box Lobby – 221 Chadwick Road, Greerton, Tauranga 3112.

What is the postcode for Mount Maunganui?

Mount Maunganui/Zip codes

What is the postcode for Bethlehem Tauranga?

Bethlehem Box Lobby – 19 Bethlehem Road, Bethlehem, Tauranga 3110.

How do you address mail to New Zealand?

Remember to use the correct address format

  1. “Unit” (eg. flat) number/street number and name.
  2. Suburb.
  3. Town or city and postcode.
  4. Please write ‘NEW ZEALAND’ in capital letters on the last line of the address.

What is papamoa postcode?

Papamoa/Zip codes

What is the postal code for Bethlehem Palestine?

Postal Code – Bethlehem of Galilee – 3600700.

How do I find an address for someone in New Zealand?

How to Search for People in New Zealand

  1. Visit the website of New Zealand’s white pages.
  2. Look up the person’s address in a copy of electoral rolls at a local government office.
  3. Look up the person in a social networking website like Facebook and Twitter.

What is postal code of Palestine?

موقع الرمز البريدي

Postcode P+3digit District TownName_e
P109 Jerusalem Jabal al Mukabbir
P110 Jerusalem Biddu
P111 Jerusalem Beit Surik
P112 Jerusalem Beit Iksa

Does New Zealand have a postcode?

The present postcode system was introduced in New Zealand in June 2006, which, unlike the previous system, applies to all items of mail with effect from June 2008. In October 2008, New Zealand Post launched a ‘remember your postcode’ campaign, offering a NZ$ 10,000 prize for remembering a postcode.

What are the New Zealand postal codes?

Auckland (256)

  • Canterbury (222)
  • Hawke’s Bay (83)
  • Marlborough (35)
  • Northland (124)
  • Southland (75)
  • Tasman (29)
  • Waikato (220)
  • Wellington (112)
  • West Coast (42)
  • Does New Zealand have ZIP codes?

    Does NZ have zip codes? New Zealand does not have a postcode for the country itself but we do have postcodes allocated to cities, towns, rural deliveries and box lobbies throughout New Zealand. What county is 21901 located? Cecil County. What is a zip code in Washington state? Zip Code List County – King County, Washington

    How do I Find my postcode?

    The quickest way to find a postcode is to type in a complete address, including the city name, street name, and building name. The tool will then be able to return the correct postcode used at that specific address. For example, search for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.