What is mined on Barrow Island?

What is mined on Barrow Island?

Oil was first discovered on Barrow Island more than 50 years ago. Since the first discovery of oil in 1964 and production commencing in 1967, the Barrow Island oil field has yielded more than 335 million barrels of oil and delivered more than $1 billion in revenue to the Western Australian community.

Does anyone live on Barrow Island?

Local police confirmed that Barrow is off-limits to all Australians, except for the 3000 FIFO workers who live in a closely monitored world of no-go zones.

Where is the Gorgon project in Western Australia?

Barrow Island
The Gorgon Project is located on Barrow Island, around about 37 miles (60 km) off the northwest coast of Western Australia.

How many wells does Barrow Island have?

Despite drilling more than 900 wells and lifting over 10,000 cargoes since 1967, the island’s ecosystem has remained essentially intact.

What animals are on Barrow Island?

Barrow Island hosts 43 species of terrestrial reptiles comprising dragons (three species), legless lizards (five species), geckos (five species), skinks (19 species), blind snakes (three species), monitors (three species), venomous and non-venomous snakes (five species) and one frog species.

What does Barrow Island look like?

Barrow Island is characterized by its aridity and by its grass- and bush-covered sand hills, which rise steeply to heights of 270 feet (80 m). Once a turtle fishery, the island became the site of Western Australia’s first commercial oil field in 1967 and is today one of Australia’s richest oil fields.

What animals live on Barrow Island?

Barrow Island hosts many mammal species that are now absent or rarely seen across other parts of Australia. The diversity of mammals includes large marsupials (wallabies, burrowing bettongs, bandicoots, possums), small carnivorous marsupials, native rats and mice, and microbats.

What is the population of Barrow Island?

Barrow Island has a recorded population of 1965 residents and is within the Australian Western Standard Time zone Australia/Perth.

Are there snakes on Barrow Island?

Are there male Gorgons?

Some make this monster a son of the sun-god, Helios. Though, still more accounts make the singular male Gorgon a son of Phorcys and Ceto, and the father of the Gorgon sisters by an unknown mother, thus making both Phorcys and Ceto their grandparents.

Where is the Barrow Island oil field?

The Barrow Island oil field lies beneath Barrow Island, located around 60 kilometres off the northwest coast of Western Australia, about 88 kilometres north of Onslow in the Carnarvon Basin. It is the largest oil field discovered in Western Australia.

What is happening on Barrow Island?

Barrow Island, 100km off WA’s Pilbara coast, has since 1910 been listed as an A-Class reserve, among the most protected type of land anywhere. It is also home to Australia’s largest gas project, Gorgon, being built by American company Chevron. Eden The Chevron ran Gorgan Gas Project on Barrow Island.

How is chevron regulated on Barrow Island?

Having regulated Barrow Island since 1967, the Department of Mines and Petroleum provided Chevron Australia with helpful regulatory and geoscientific information before Gorgon’s start.

Where is Barrow Island located in Western Australia?

Western Australia. Barrow Island is a 202 km 2 (78 sq mi) island 50 kilometres (31 mi) northwest off the Pilbara coast of Western Australia.