What is mezzanine card in blade servers?

What is mezzanine card in blade servers?

Server systems often comprise multiple server blades housed in a chassis and/or in standard rack mount. Expansion cards for blade servers may have a mezzanine design, in which the expansion card is inserted or installed parallel to the system board of the server.

What is a mezzanine card used for?

The bus itself is sometimes referred to as a mezzanine bus. The term derives from the Italian word, mezzano , which means middle.

What is HPE blade server?

BladeSystem is a line of blade server machines from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Formerly Hewlett-Packard) that was introduced in June 2006. The BladeSystem forms part of the HPE Converged Systems platform, which use a common converged infrastructure architecture for server, storage, and networking products.

How do I connect my USB to my HP blade server?

Open the serial label pull tab and connect the HP c-Class Blade SUV cable to the server blade. Connect the video connector to a monitor. Connect a USB hub to one USB connector….Connect the following to the USB hub:

  1. USB CD/DVD-ROM drive.
  2. USB keyboard.
  3. USB mouse.

What is mezzanine card HP?

The mezzanine cards can fit onto any ProLiant or Integrity c-Class server blade. HP designed the server blades to use two types of mezzanine cards, referred to as Type-I and Type-II, to connect to the various interconnect fabrics.

What is a switched mezzanine card?

Switch Mezzanine Card (XMC & XMC 2.0) XMC is a PMC with high-speed serial fabric interconnect defined by the VITA 42 standard. XMC specifies an additional connector (P5) that support PCI Express(VITA 42.3) or other high speed serial formats such as Serial RapidIO (VITA 42.2) and Parallel RapidIO (VITA 42.1).

Does HP Inc has blade server based computer support?

HP BladeSystem supports the industry’s broadest portfolio of networking solutions spanning Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SAS, iSCSI and FCoE.

How do I set up HP Onboard Administrator?


  1. Connect to the Onboard Administrator CLI using the serial port, management port, service port, or c3000 KVM Module option.
  2. Log in to the Onboard Administrator with the Administrator user account and the OA dogtag password.
  3. Set Onboard Administrator name: SET OA NAME 1 .

What are the supported blades in C class blade enclosure?

Storage blades provide another option besides internal disk drives or SAN connectivity. The c-Class enclosure supports two types of blade storage solutions: direct-attach storage blades and shared storage blades. For mechanical compatibility, the storage blades use the same half-height form factor as the server blades.