What is MCPA ester?

What is MCPA ester?

MCPA Ester 600 is a selective herbicide used to control a variety of broadleaf weeds in cereal and flax crops, as well as grasses, rangeland and non-crop areas.

What is MCPA used for?

MCPA is a systemic hormone-type selective herbicide, readily absorbed by leaves and roots. Its uses include the control of annual and perennial weeds in cereals, grassland, and turf (1).

Is MCPA a Weedicide?

MCPA is a systemic post-emergence phenoxy herbicide used to control broadleaf annual and perennial weeds (including thistle and dock) in cereals, flax, rice, vines, peas, potatoes, grasslands, forestry applications, and on rights-of-way.

What herbicide Contains MCPA?

Roundup for Lawns on the other hand, is the brand name of a new herbicide that does not contain glyphosate; rather it contains the active ingredients MCPA, quinclorac, dicamba and sulfentrazone.

How much is an acre of MCPA?

Application Rate: 2.8 – 5.6 litres per hectare (2 – 4 pints per acre).

How soon can you graze after spraying MCPA?

Rainfast: 6 Hours. Grazing: Two weeks minimum period between spraying and return of livestock.

What MCPA 500?

A soluble concentrate containing 500 g/L 44.25% w/w MCPA as the dimethylamine salt. A selective herbicide for the control of many broad leaved weeds in grassland.

Is MCPA harmful to dogs?

Conclusions: Administration of MCPA did not cause mortality and had no adverse effects on hematological parameters of animals. The results of the study showed that MCPA treatment caused inflammatory lesions in the liver, moderate damage of the kidney, and had focal adverse effect on the development of spermiogenesis.

What is MCPA ester 500 LV used for?

Nufarm MCPA Ester 500 LV Liquid Herbicide is used for the control of susceptible weeds in wheat, barley and rye. Treatments can be made from the 3-leaf expanded to the early flag-leaf stage. Treatments made between emergence and 3-leaf stage may cause some crop injury, but are less likely to with MCPA esters than with 2,4-D esters.

Can I apply Nufarm MCPA ester 500 twice?

Rates of Nufarm MCPA Ester 500 LV Liquid Herbicide over 1.1 L/ha may cause a delay in maturity which is usually more than offset by increased yield caused by weed control. Do not apply more than one treatment per year.

Is Nufarm ester 500 a group 4 Herbicide?

For resistance management, Nufarm MCPA Ester 500 LV Liquid Herbicide is a Group 4 herbicide. Any weed population may contain or develop plants naturally resistant to Nufarm MCPA Ester 500 LV Liquid Herbicide and other Group 4 herbicides.