What is Malaysia IC size?

What is Malaysia IC size?

In November 2002, the capacity was increased to 64kb. The upgraded and current version of the MyKad is a hybrid card containing two chips for both contact and contactless interfaces.

How can I check Malaysian IC number?

http://semakan.jpn.gov.my/semak_kpt/ Enter your identity card number*, followed by the captcha and then click the “Semak” (check) button. *Your identity card number is printed on the application’s official receipt.

What can you check with IC number?

Now if someone has your IC number, they can look you up on the electoral (voter) roll, or even see if you’re receiving government aid such as Bantuan Prihatin Nasional.

What is ID Type Malaysia?

ID Type refers to the type of ID you have depending on whether you are a resident or non resident in Malaysia. Choose the following ID Type: Identity Card (New) – Applicable to Malaysian citizen only. Identity Card (Red) – Applicable to residents of Malaysia with permanent resident (PR) status.

What does NRIC number mean?

Identity Card Number
Each card is identified by an NRIC number (“Identity Card Number”), which is a unique set of nine alpha-numerics given to each citizen or PR. Biometric data are collected during card registration which includes the person’s left and right thumbprints as well as iris images.

How do I read my NRIC number?

Structure of the NRIC number/FIN. The structure of the NRIC number/FIN is @xxxxxxx#, where: @ is a letter that can be “S”, “T”, “F”, “G” or “M” depending on the status of the holder. Singapore citizens and permanent residents born before 1 January 2000 are assigned the letter “S”.

Is NRIC number confidential Malaysia?

“In Malaysia, IC numbers are not completely confidential. In theory, anyone can obtain our IC number and use it to check on government websites, and access our information.” For example, a lawyer can verify whether someone’s name and IC number are correct.

What is ID type?

ID Type. The ID Type field can be screen painted onto the Profile screen More Fields tab in order to display a list of acceptable identification media. Examples include passport, driver license, military ID, etc. Staff can then make a selection from this standard list when verifying guest IDs.

Where do I find my IC serial number?

You can find the serial number at the back of the card. If you’re using your identification card (IC) as a Touch n’ Go card, you can find the serial number in the receipt slip when you top up the card.

How old is my NRIC number?

For most of us, the first two digits of our NRIC reflect the last two digits of our birth year. For example, if your NRIC number is S8712345B, it means that you were born in the year 1987.

What is the IC code for Malaysia?

Malaysia IC Code. First 6 digits are your DOB. Centre 2-digit is your place of birth. Johor 01 ,21,22,23,24. Kedah 02, 25, 26, 27. Kelantan 03, 28, 29. Melaka 04, 30. Negeri Sembilan 05, 31,59. Pahang 06, 32, 33.

What are the digits in MyKad for Malaysia?

The following BP code digits in MyKad indicates in which Malaysian state the person was born. 01, 21, 22, 23, 24 – Johor. 02, 25, 26, 27 – Kedah. 03, 28, 29 – Kelantan. 04, 30 – Malacca. 05, 31, 59 – Negeri Sembilan. 06, 32, 33 – Pahang. 07, 34, 35 – Penang. 08, 36, 37, 38, 39 – Perak.

What does your IC number say about you?

“Our IC number carries details that reveal our physical location through our voting info and registered address or where our childhood hometown is; traffic summons will show where we have been to; or our examination results that we may be too embarrassed to share,” she said.