What is Kocher artery forceps?

What is Kocher artery forceps?

HAEMOSTAT ARTERY FORCEPS KOCHER. Size Available 6″ 7″ 8″ (Straight/ Curve) Artery forceps are primarily use as haemostatic forceps to grasp vessels and allow ligation of those vessels. They vary in size for use on fine, delicate vessels to large vascular pedicles.

What are carmalt hemostats used for?

Rochester Carmalt Forceps are hemostatic clamps used to stop blood flow. They are used to clamp large blood vessels easily. Here are some of the featu These forceps have long serrated jaws that provide a good grip over the blood vessels without causing any harm to them.

What is difference between artery and forceps?

One difference is that the tip can be significantly smaller than those of forceps. This is called a mosquito hemostat. The primary use of a hemostat is to clamp and hold onto blood vessels. There are many types of hemostats that handle all the different types of blood vessels in the body.

Why artery forceps is called artery forceps?

Artery forceps are used to compress an artery to stem bleeding, because of this they belong to a group of surgical instruments called hemostats.

What are sponge forceps used for?

sponge forceps sponge-holding forceps A blunt-tipped forceps used to grasp tissues, esp. in gynecological procedures, without damaging tissue. They are often used to hold the uterine cervix, for example.

What are Kelly artery forceps used for?

Kelly Artery Forceps are ratcheted forceps used for clamping large blood vessels or manipulating heavy tissue. HIPP KLINI ARMO STRAIGHT 14cm2.020.14 K2.020.14 A2123

What is a Crile forceps used for?

Crile Artery Forceps are ratcheted forceps used for clamping blood vessels or tissue before cauterization or ligation. The horizontal serrations extend the entire length of the jaw, and the particularly long jaws in relation to the shanks are a unique characteristic.

What are Halsted mosquito forceps?

Halsted Micro Mosquito Forceps ratcheted forceps and are used as a haemostat for small blood vessels. Available in 12cm length with straight or curved serrated jaws, and 12.5cm and 14cm toothed jaws straight or curved. HIPP KLINI ARMO SAYCO STRAIGHT 12cm2.004.12 K2.004.12 A2120 063 STRAIGHT – 1X2 TEETH 12.5cm2.006.12 K2.006.12 A2122 14cm2.006.14