What is index monitoring in Oracle?

What is index monitoring in Oracle?

Index monitoring allows unused indexes to be identified accurately, removing the risks associated with dropping useful indexes. It is important to make sure that index monitoring is performed over a representative time period.

How do you check if an index is being used in Oracle?

In Oracle SQL Developer, when you have SQL in the worksheet, there is a button “Explain Plan”, you can also hit F10. After you execute Explain plan, it will show in the bottom view of SQL Developer. There is a column “OBJECT_NAME”, it will tell you what index is being used.

Can we enable index monitoring in Oracle 10g?

Since Oracle 10g, you can monitor indexes to see if they are being used or not. It recommended to enable index monitoring for an appropriate period that is representative of your full workload cycle. For example if you run a report every week, month or even year, just to catch all those activities.

What is Dba_indexes?

DBA_INDEXES describes all indexes in the database. This view supports parallel partitioned index scans. Its columns are the same as those in “ALL_INDEXES”.

How do I enable and disable indexes in Oracle?

To disable an index, you run an ALTER INDEX command: ALTER INDEX index_name ON table_name DISABLE; You can replace the index_name with the name of your index, and the table_name with the name of the table that the index is created on.

How do you know if an index is being used?

To check whether an index is being used, proceed as follows:

  1. Open a second session and choose System Utilities Performance Trace there.
  2. Select SQL Trace and choose Trace on.
  3. In the first window, carry out the action for which you want the system to use the desired index.
  4. Choose Trace off and then Trace list .

What is Oracle index status na?

N/A indicates that index is a partitioned index.This is explicitly enforced by catalog.sql.To get the status of the partitioned index query DBA_IND_PARTITIONS: select table_name,INDEX_TYPE,PARTITIONED,status from dba_indexes where status !=’USABLE’;

What are the DBA tables in Oracle?

DBA_TABLES describes all relational tables in the database. Its columns are the same as those in ALL_TABLES .

How do I enable indexing?

Click the plus sign to expand the table on which you want to enable an index. Click the plus sign to expand the Indexes folder. Right-click the index you want to enable and select Rebuild. In the Rebuild Indexes dialog box, verify that the correct index is in the Indexes to rebuild grid and click OK.