What is FOX RC2?

What is FOX RC2?

The Fox FIT RC2 was the top tier damper through model year 2017 but was retired with the release of the GRIP2. You could adjust it’s low-speed rebound, low speed compression and high speed compression. The RC2 had a reputation for riding pretty harsh and stiff.

How much are FOX 40 worth?

$1,819.00. FOX 40 Factory Suspension Fork – 27.5″, 203 mm, 20 x 110 mm, 48 mm Offset, Shiny Orange, Grip 2. $1,819.00.

Is FOX 40 an air shock?

All 40 forks have adjustable air spring pressure and rebound adjust.

What year did the Fox 36 come out?

While I’m neither heavy nor strong enough to truly test the stiffness of this fork, it feels every bit as stiff as the twenty-or-so Float 36 models that I’ve ridden on various bikes since they were first released in 2005.

How do I install Fox 40 forks?

Setting Fork Air Pressure

  1. Unscrew the air cap on top of the left fork leg counter-clockwise to expose the Schrader valve.
  2. Attach a FOX High Pressure Pump to the Schrader valve.
  3. Pump your fork to the appropriate pressure as listed in the ‘Suggested starting points for setting sag’ table below, then remove the pump.

What damper option comes on the Fox 40 Factory version?

Fox 40 fork range All have 203mm of travel, FIT GRIP2 dampers and straight 1.125″ steerers. The 26′ and 650b forks have a 20mm through axle, but the 29er – now known as the Fox 40 Factory – gets a 20mm Boost axle.

Are Fox 40 forks coil?

With huge 40mm stanchions, the 40 is by far the stiffest fork out there. And for such a burly looking fork, the 40 is very light – ours came in at 3.16kg (6.96lb), with the steerer cut down, making it the lightest current coil-sprung downhill fork.

When did Fox 40s come out?

Foxcroft and Shepherd were issued patent number 5816186 on Oct 6, 1998 under Ronald Foxcroft & Charles Shepherd. The Fox 40 whistle was first introduced at the 1987 Pan American Games in Indianapolis, Indiana. Fox 40 is, as of May 2013, selling 10,000 whistles daily in 140 countries.

Why are Fox forks so expensive?

they are expensive because they are great. stiff, durable, and in practice can go years without servicing.

Where is my Fox fork serial number?

Recalled forks can be identified by the serial number, which is found on the underside of the crown after removing the front wheel.

Is Fox 36 an Enduro fork?

For 2021, the FOX 36 is back with a new design. The godfather of enduro forks has seen some major updates and has been repositioned as an all-mountain fork, with the new and bigger FOX 38 taking on enduro, 160+ mm duties.