What is F&O in ICICIdirect?

What is F&O in ICICIdirect?

As a customer of ICICIdirect now, you can trade on index and stock futures on NSE. It comes with a comprehensive tracking cum risk management solution to give you enhanced leveraging on your trading limits. In futures trading, you take buy/sell positions in index or stock(s) contracts expiring in different months.

What is Icici direct free brokerage?

Free brokerage is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of mapping in your trading account….

Brokerage Brokerage charged
Cash 0.45%
Margin/Margin Plus/ Future* /Future Plus*/ Currency Futures** 0.040%
Options* Rs.70/-(per lot)
Currency Options** Rs.20/- (per lot)

Which is better ICICIdirect or Zerodha?

Zerodha is better than ICICI Direct in the following ways: Zerodha offers brokerage-free equity and mutual fund investment. ICICI Direct charges 0.55% brokerage for equity delivery. Zerodha call and trade charges are Rs 20 per trade while ICICI Direct charges Rs 50. Zerodha doesn’t charge any subscription fee.

What are the brokerage charges of Icici direct?

ICICIdirect I-Secure Plan

Segment Brokerage Fee
Equity Intraday 0.275%
Equity Futures 0.05%
Equity Options Rs 95 per lot
Currency Futures Rs 20 per order

What is F&O in stock market?

Futures and Options (F&O) are the most common derivative contracts where two parties enter into a contract. It is speculative in nature and considered a safer option than the share market. Due to the strong element of speculation, the F&O segment usually sees hedgers or speculators trading in it.

What is 2000 free brokerage ICICIdirect?

Demat transfer value Free Brokerage Value
5 Lacs to 10 Lac 2000
10 Lacs to 25 Lacs 4000
25 Lacs and above 6000

Is Icici direct free?

Open Demat account for free. Start Investing through ICICI direct in 10 minutes. Or track your existing application.

What is delivery charges in Icici direct?

ICICIdirect ICICI Neo Plan

Segment Brokerage Fee
Equity Delivery 0.55%
Equity Intraday Rs 20 per order
Equity Futures Rs 0 (Free)
Equity Options Rs 20 per order

How is Icici direct brokerage calculated?

  1. Turnover. ₹ 1,00,000.00.
  2. Delivery Brokerage Rate. 0.55% on order value.
  3. Brokerage Applicable. ₹ 550.00.
  4. ₹ 100.00.
  5. Exchange Charges. ₹ 3.00.
  6. ₹ 99.54.
  7. ₹ 0.05.
  8. Stamp Duty Charges. ₹ 15.00.