What is Dlgproc?

What is Dlgproc?

Application-defined callback function used with the CreateDialog and DialogBox families of functions. It processes messages sent to a modal or modeless dialog box. The DLGPROC type defines a pointer to this callback function. DialogProc is a placeholder for the application-defined function name.

What is a modeless dialog box?

Modeless dialog box is the dialog box in which the screen remain stable and available to all the user for use at any time but it doesn’t stop their and allow other user work to be carried out without any interference. For example The Find dialog box of WordPad.

What happens when any keyboard key is pressed about Wm_char message?

Posted to the window with the keyboard focus when a WM_KEYDOWN message is translated by the TranslateMessage function. The WM_CHAR message contains the character code of the key that was pressed.

When is Wm_paint called?

The WM_PAINT message is sent when the system or another application makes a request to paint a portion of an application’s window.

What is the difference between modal and modeless dialog?

A dialog box can be either modal or modeless. A modal dialog box prevents interaction with the rest of the application until the user dismisses the dialog box. A modeless dialog box allows the user to interact with other parts of the GUI while the dialog box is posted.

What is the difference between modal and modeless dialog box vb net?

Modal dialog boxes, which require the user to respond before continuing the program. Modeless dialog boxes, which stay on the screen and are available for use at any time but permit other user activities.

What is Wm_syskeydown?

The WM_SYSKEYDOWN message indicates a system key, which is a key stroke that invokes a system command. There are two types of system key: ALT + any key. F10.

When a window procedure receive a VM paint message?

A window procedure receives a WM_PAINT message whenever one of the following events occurs:

  1. A previously hidden area of the window is brought into view when a user moves a window or uncovers a window.
  2. The user resizes the window (if the window class style has the CS_HREDRAW and CW_VREDRAW bits set).