What is CPU patch in Oracle?

What is CPU patch in Oracle?

The Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) is an ongoing series of regularly issued fixes for security flaws in products made by or maintained by software giant Oracle Corp. CPU patches are cumulative, but release notes only explain the fixes added since the previous CPU release.

What is difference between PSU and bundle patch in Oracle?

A Patch Set Update (PSU) contains usually security fixes and regression fixes, i.e. bug fixes. Whereas a Proactive Bundle Patch (BP) was a superset of a PSU containing the PSU but optimizer fixes and functional fixes which may be sometimes feature extensions as well.

What is PSU patching in Oracle?

Patch Set Updates (PSU) Patch Set Updates are used to patch Oracle WebLogic Server only. Patch Set Updates are released on a quarterly basis, following the same schedule as the Critical Patch Updates (CPUs).

What is difference between CPU and PSU patches in Oracle?

Critical Patch Update (CPU) now refers to the overall release of security fixes each quarter rather than the cumulative database security patch for the quarter. Patch Set Updates (PSU) are the same cumulative patches that include both the security fixes and priority fixes.

Are Oracle CPU patches cumulative?

CPU patches are cumulative, but release notes only explain the fixes added since the previous CPU release. Each Oracle customer receives the same CPU regardless of which products it uses. An analysis of the security vulnerabilities addressed in Oracle’s CPUs and Security Alerts typically accompanies the patch releases.

What is RU patch in Oracle?

Download and install Release Updates (RU) and Release Update Revisions (RUR) patches for your Oracle software after you complete installation. Starting with Oracle Database 18c, Oracle provides quarterly updates in the form of Release Updates (RU) and Release Update Revisions (RUR).

What is bundle patch in Oracle?

A bundle patch is a cumulative collection of fixes for a specific product or component. A patch of this type is released as needed depending on the product’s requirements. You may also know a bundle patch as: maintenance pack, service pack, MLRs, cumulative patch, or update release.

What is PSE in Oracle?

PSE (Patch Set Exception) – PSE is created when Oracle ports a label to a specific platform, e.g. Linux x86_64, HPUX-IA etc; the output of a PSE is compiled C files (such as *.o files, or *.exe on Windows)

How often are Oracle patches released?

Critical Patch Updates are collections of security fixes for Oracle products. They are available to customers with valid support contracts. They are released on the Tuesday closest to the 17th day of January, April, July and October.

What does Oracle CVE stand for?

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) numbers are used by Oracle to identify the vulnerabilities listed in the risk matrices in Critical Patch Update and Security Alert advisories. CVE numbers are unique, common identifiers for publicly known information about security vulnerabilities.

Why do we need SQL Catbundle?

catbundle. sql is the script which adds the necessary SQL changes to a database after you applied a patch bundle. It has to be executed after you applied a patch bundle as there may be for instance changes to a PL/SQL package or function.