What is CDialogEx?

What is CDialogEx?

The CDialogEx class specifies the background color and background image of a dialog box.

How do I get CWnd?

Is there a way to get the Handle or CWnd* of a control using the ID of the control – Stack Overflow.

How do you make a modeless dialog box in VC ++?

To create a modeless dialog box, call your public constructor and then call the dialog object’s Create member function to load the dialog resource. You can call Create either during or after the constructor call. If the dialog resource has the property WS_VISIBLE, the dialog box appears immediately.

What is Winsock2 h in C++?

The Winsock2. h header file contains most of the Winsock functions, structures, and definitions. The Ws2tcpip. h header file contains definitions introduced in the WinSock 2 Protocol-Specific Annex document for TCP/IP that includes newer functions and structures used to retrieve IP addresses.

What Windows RS version do I have?

Just press the Windows key + R to open the Run box. Type winver and press Enter. This will open the About Windows window displaying the Windows version and the build number in it.

What does CWND stand for?

Congestion Window (cwnd) is a TCP state variable that limits the amount of data the TCP can send into the network before receiving an ACK. The Receiver Window (rwnd) is a variable that advertises the amount of data that the destination side can receive.

What is the use of CCmdTarget?

CCmdTarget includes member functions that handle the display of an hourglass cursor. Display the hourglass cursor when you expect a command to take a noticeable time interval to execute. Dispatch maps, similar to message maps, are used to expose OLE automation IDispatch functionality.

What is a modeless dialog?

Modeless dialogs Modeless dialog is one which opens on top of parent window but still parent can get focus and process events. Modeless dialog does not block parent window and this is needed when users need to enter frequent inputs and same time want to get the reflection in the parent window.