What is CCF uniform?

What is CCF uniform?

Number 3 uniform is normally the parade uniform for the CCF (RN) and consists of a white Shirt, black tie, blue trousers, and blue heavy wool jersey, worn with plain black shoes, a Brassard should be worn on the right arm, displaying qualification badges.

How do you wear a CCF kit?

Cadets will wear either an issued green working belt or a CCF stable belt (Sgt and above). c) MTP should be worn as issued. Jackets are to be “tucked in” and sleeves should always be worn DOWN. d) On the Smock, the issued MTP Badge of Rank should be worn and the Academy Flash worn on the left “plate”.

What’s the difference between ACF and CCF?

Cadet ranks The titles of some ranks in the ACF and CCF Army may vary as cadet detachments are affiliated to British Army regiments and adopt their terminology. Whilst the CCF Regulations provide an equivalency table purely for the CCF, there is no official equivalency between the other cadet forces.

What is CCF in the army?

The CCF (Army) is the Army Cadets section of the Combined Cadet Force. There are over 260 CCF Army Sections with approximately 29,000 cadets and 1,700 adult volunteers. The Army Section CCF aims to promote the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness and a sense of service to the community.

What do CCF do?

CCF units in schools give young people the life skills and self-confidence to take charge of their lives so they can reach their full potential at school and beyond, including in employment. Each CCF is formed of sections from one or more of the Royal Navy/Royal Marines, Army or the Royal Air Force.

Can cadets wear their uniform in public?

CADETS have been warned not to wear their uniforms in public because they could be targeted by terrorists. A letter reads: “Based on the latest security advice, we recommend that all cadets cover up their uniform when travelling to and from cadet activity. Personnel should remain vigilant.”

What is CCF in boarding school?

Combined Cadet Force is a voluntary cadet force, which allows pupils to enter into the Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force Section.

What guns do CCF use?

The L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle (GP – General Purpose) is the advanced rifle used by the Army, Navy and Air Cadet shooting. This weapon was introduced alongside the SA80 series from 1989 onwards for cadet use, as at the time cadets were not permitted to fire semi- or fully-automatic weapons.

How do you get promoted in CCF?

If you come top of the concentrated course/cadre (held at a camp) then you will be promoted on the last day of the camp during the final parade and prize giving. If you come in the top ten of the said camp, then you will be promoted at the next available vacancy for that rank in the contingent.

Can you wear army pants in public?

In the US it is legal for civilians to wear military-style clothing as well as actual military uniforms. There is a federal law on the books that prohibits the wear of military uniforms and insignia.