What is ASTM D445?

What is ASTM D445?

The ASTM D445, IP 71 and ISO 3104 test methods specifies a procedure for the determination of the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products, both transparent and opaque. Examples are kerosene, bitumen, waxes, fuel oils, diesel, gas oils, lubricants, residual oils, transformer oils, biodiesel, and used oils.

What is suspended level?

An Ubbelohde type viscometer or suspended-level viscometer is a measuring instrument which uses a capillary based method of measuring viscosity. The liquid is allowed to travel back through the measuring bulb and the time it takes for the liquid to pass through two calibrated marks is a measure for viscosity.

Which of the following viscometer is also called suspended level viscometer?

An Ubbelohde type viscometer or suspended-level viscometer is a measuring instrument which uses a capillary based method of measuring viscosity. It is recommended for higher viscosity cellulosic polymer solutions. The Ubbelohde viscometer is closely related to the Ostwald viscometer.

How do you pronounce Ubbelohde viscometer?

Phonetic spelling of Ubbelohde

  1. ubbe-lo-hde. Patricia Daugherty.
  2. Ubbe-lo-hde.
  3. Ub-belo-hde. Jena Crist.

What is Viscosity Index ASTM D2270?

Viscosity index is a dimensionless number that represents how the viscosity of a hydraulic fluid changes with temperature. Standard ASTM D2270 calculates viscosity index in part by measuring a fluid’s kinematic viscosity at 40° and 100° C.

What is ASTM D2983?

ASTM D2983 – 20 Standard Test Method for Low-Temperature Viscosity of Automatic Transmission Fluids, Hydraulic Fluids, and Lubricants using a Rotational Viscometer.

What are the different types of suspended level viscometers?

CANNON has improved the design of the Ubbelohde viscometer to make a more rugged instrument called the Cannon-Ubbelohde viscometer. Other suspended level viscometers in this bulletin include the BS/IP/SL, BS/IP/SL (S), and BS/IP/MSL viscometers. Special viscometers have been designed for testing opaque liquids.

What is Ubbelohde viscometer used for?

The Ubbelohde viscometer and other supended level viscometers are also used to measure transparent liquids. Unlike the Cannon-Fenske Routine viscometer, suspended level viscometers possess the same viscometer constant at all temperatures.

Is there a viscometer that measures viscosity in milliliters?

Several viscometers have been designed which require one milliliter or less of liquid. These are refered to as semi-micro or micro viscometers. The Cannon-Manning Semi-Micro is a U-tube viscometer that has been modified to measure the kinematic viscosity of samples as small as 1.0 mL.

How much sample size is required for kinematic viscosity determination?

The Cannon-Manning Semi-Micro Extra Low Charge viscometer will permit kinematic viscosity determination with as little as 0.5 milliliters of sample. Estimates of the molecular size and shape of large polymer molecules can be obtained from kinematic viscosity measurements of dilute solutions of the polymers.