What is anti-captcha key?

What is anti-captcha key?

Anti-Captcha.com account key is required for it’s work. It recognizes a regular image captcha (including Solvemedia) and also it can solve the reCAPTCHA 2.0 (including enterprise), reCAPTCHA 3 and the FunCaptcha too. Trial CAPTCHAs are not available for Firefox users.

How do I turn off reCAPTCHA in Chrome?

Scroll down to Permissions section and click on the “Settings…” button next to Notifications. Search for the Captcha.info site, then click on drop-down menu and select “Block”.

Where do I find anti-captcha key?

You need to have an anti-captcha subscription to be able to use it. You can find CAPTCHA_DATA_SITEKEY on the protected website. It is usually in a “data-sitekey” attribute in an element with a “g-recaptcha” class or id.

How do you use anti ReCAPTCHA?

How it works:

  1. Your app uploads a captcha to our server.
  2. We assign a worker to your captcha.
  3. Our workers type the answers, and we send them to your app.

How do I fix auto ReCAPTCHA?

How to Bypass Google ReCAPTCHA Images

  1. Use Sign-in Google Search.
  2. Solve Audio Challenge: It’s Much Faster.
  3. Use a VPN.
  4. Use ReCAPTCHA Bypass Bots.
  5. Hire a Captcha Solving Service.

How do I remove reCAPTCHA from my website?

How to remove reCAPTCHA badge from website

  1. Copy the CSS code. .grecaptcha-badge { visibility: hidden; }
  2. Paste the code into your WordPress website by one of three methods: A. Paste the code into the theme’s “Additional CSS” box, if available in the theme settings. Paste at bottom of box > Save settings. B.

Why do I always get reCAPTCHA?

Google explains that a CAPTCHA can be triggered by automated processes sometimes caused by worms, proxy search traffic going through infected computers or DSL routers, or from some SEO ranking tools. But you may also want to scan your computer for viruses and malware.

How do I stop I am not a robot Captcha?

If you are always getting interrupted then here are some tips to fix I’m not a robot issue in Google search.

  1. Check your IP address.
  2. Check your network.
  3. Stop using VPN.
  4. Avoid unknown proxy servers.
  5. Use Google public DNS.
  6. Stop searching illegal queries.
  7. Slow your clicks.
  8. Stop sending automated queries.

How do you auto solve ReCAPTCHA?

How do you earn Captcha?

You will earn funds for every correctly entered captcha. To start work on our service you only have to register an account, hit “Start work” and then the system will guide you through training tasks to show you what to do. After just 5-10 minutes you will begin to earn money by solving captchas!