What is another word for have to do with?

What is another word for have to do with?

What is another word for has to do with?

concerns involves
deals with relates to
appertains to refers to
bears on has a bearing on
touches on has reference to

What is another word for has nothing to do with?

What is another word for have nothing to do with?

swear off abjure
spurn relinquish
refuse abstain
repudiate refrain from
do without shirk

What is another way of saying little?

What is another word for little?

low short
not high smaller
tiny mini
petite minuscule
minute miniature

What is the meaning of having to do with?

1. to be related to or connected with. 2. to be associated with; deal with. See full dictionary entry for do.

Has to deal with synonyms?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for deal with, like: manage, handle, cope-with, approach, discuss, communicate, review, concern, treat, have to do with and consider.

What is a word for not related?

Not associated or linked in a sequence. unconnected. separate. detached. independent.

How do you say little in a cute way?


  1. Lilliputian.
  2. bantam.
  3. bitsy.
  4. bitty.
  5. button.
  6. little.
  7. midget.
  8. mini.

How do you say little in slang?

What does li’l mean? Li’l is an abbreviation of the word little. It’s often used in names or titles to emphasize youth or physical size.

Has little to do with meaning?

But “have little to do with” is similar to “have nothing to do with”, except that the latter means that there is no relevance of one thing to another, while the former suggests that there is possibly at least some small relevance.

Has to do with definition?

to be involved in or connected with. his illness has a lot to do with his failing the exam.