What is Amazon writing exercise?

What is Amazon writing exercise?

The Amazon Writing Exercise: Amazon’s Addiction to Clarity and Disdain for PowerPoint. When you want to convince anyone of anything, at Amazon, you write a narrative (an up-to-six-pages-long essay.) In meetings, people spend the first few minutes in complete silence to read these narratives.

How do you answer Amazon interview questions?

Describe something that was your idea, e.g., a process change, a product idea, a new metric, or a novel customer interface. It does not need to be something that is patented. Do not write about anything your current or previous employer would deem confidential information.

What interview questions does Amazon ask?

Interviewing for Amazon? Read these 10 Amazon interview questions before you goDo you know our CEO? How would you solve problems if you were from Mars?Tell the story of the last time you had to apologize to someone.What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced in your life?