What is Alabama state animals?

What is Alabama state animals?

Black Bear
In 2006 the Alabama Legislature designated the Black Bear (subfamily ursinae, Ursus americanus Pallas), to be the official state mammal of Alabama.

What is Alabama national flower?

Alabama/State flower

In June 1999, the Legislature designated that the camellia, Camellia japonica L., is the official state flower of Alabama.

What are Alabama’s 5 symbols?

Alabama Official Emblems, Symbols, and Honors

Emblem/Symbol Name of Emblem/Symbol Date Adopted
Alabama State Championship Horse Show 1988
Official Mascot & Butterfly Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 1989
Insect Monarch Butterfly 1989
Reptile Alabama Red-bellied Turtle 1990

What is Alabama state Plant?

State Flower: Camellia Although it is not native to the state, the Japanese camellia (Camellia japonica L) was officially named the state flower of Alabama in 1959, presumably for its growing popularity as a garden plant and association as a symbol of southern culture.

What color is Alabama state flower?

In its wild state the Camellia bears a single red flower with only five petals, but under man’s care it has become a double flower with many petals. Alabama’s splendid variety is a large, bright crimson flower with deep veined, rounded petals.

What is Alabama’s state gemstone?

Star blue quartz
Table of minerals, rocks, stones and gemstones

State federal district or territory Mineral Gemstone
Alabama Hematite (1967) Star blue quartz (1990)
Alaska Gold (1968) Nephrite jade (1968)
Arizona Wulfenite Turquoise (1974)
Arkansas Quartz (1967) Diamond (1967)

What is Alabama state bird?

Northern flicker
Alabama/State bird
September 6, 1927 Bibb Graves passed a bill declaring the Northern flicker as the official State Bird of Alabama. Known as the yellowhammer because of its yellow underwings and flight feather shafts, the woodpecker is found throughout Alabama during all seasons.

What is Alabama State Fruit?

Alabama/State fruits

What’s Alabama’s national bird?

What is Alabama state Fruit?

What is the bird of Alabama?

What is Alabama’s state dance?

the square dance
Official State American Folk Dance of Alabama Twenty-two states have passed legislation to declare the square dance as an official state symbol, and more than thirty bills have been introduced at the federal level proposing the square dance as the national (folk) dance of the United States.

What is the state flower of Alabama?

The Camellia is recognized as the Alabama state flower. The camellia is the state flower of Alabama. The camellia “the rose of winter,” is the official state flower of Alabama. It was designated the official status in 1959. The camellia replaced the goldenrod flower that had been adopted in 1927. The flower appears on the Alabama quarter.

What are the state symbols of Alabama?

Alabama Symbols. Animal: Black Bear. Bird: Yellowhammer. Fish: Tarpon. Flag of Alabama. Flower: (official state) Camellia. Gem: Star Blue Quartz. Marine Mammal: Largemouth Bass.

What is the state fruit of Alabama?

The oldest of which is the Alabama State Bible, from 1853; the most recently designated is the peach, Alabama’s state tree fruit, established in 2006. The state has no official nickname, although “Heart of Dixie” was strongly promoted by the Alabama Chamber of Commerce in the 1940s and 1950s, and put on state license plates.

Why is the Yellowhammer the state bird of Alabama?

The Yellowhammer has so endeared himself to Americans from Florida to Alaska that they have given him 132 local names. Alabama adopted the Yellowhammer as the state bird because her soldiers marched off to the Civil War with feathers of the Yellowhammer in their soft felt hats.