What is a TownAce?

What is a TownAce?

The Toyota LiteAce and TownAce are a line of light commercial and derivative passenger vans produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. These vehicles originally utilized the cab-over-engine configuration, although since 1996 a semi-cab-over arrangement has featured instead.

How many cc does Toyota TownAce have?

Toyota Townace Van: Basic Specifications

length 4.045 – 4.045m height 1.9 – 1.9m width 1.665 – 1.665m
Maximum power 97ps
Drive Type AWD/FF/FR
Engine Capacity 1,495cc
Number of Seats 2 – 5

Why are Toyota Hiaces so expensive?

Why do people want Hiace so much? That’s because Hiace has the reliability that it can run up to 1 million km. Therefore, even if the mileage is 300,000 km, it will be judged to “run another 700,000 km”! Not only made in Japan but also “used in Japan” is important for Hiace sold overseas.

What’s the fastest minivan?

Here are 10 of the fastest minivans in the world.

  • 8 Kia Sedona SXL.
  • 7 Chrysler Town & Country.
  • 6 BMW 220i Gran Tourer.
  • 5 Toyota Sienna AWD.
  • 4 Opel Zafira OPC. Via autoevolution.com.
  • 3 Ford S-Max 2.0 EcoBoost. Via autoexpress.co.uk.
  • 2 Honda Odyssey. Via thecarconnection.com.
  • 1 Mercedes-Benz R 63 AMG. Via carscoops.com.

Why did Toyota stop making previa?

It was replaced in the US by the Toyota Sienna, which was first introduced to the market in 1997 as an alternative option that was front-wheel drive and produced in the US on a Camry base. Most of the competitors were putting V6 engines into their minivans and the Toyota Previa just couldn’t fit the larger option.

When did the Toyota TownAce come out in Japan?

The Toyota TownAce (body type CR21) was introduced by Toyota in Japan in April 1978 as a short wheelbase, mid-engined luxury 7/8 seat MPV resembling the Toyota Space Cruiser. A 4WD version (body type CR30) was introduced in December 1985. These were produced until a facelift in September 1993 to body type CR31 which was produced until October 1996.

Is the TownAce a reliable MPV?

A 10-year old TownAce was an attractive option for a reliable, cheap MPV with many luxury features – such as aircon/climate control and automatic transmission. The 2CT diesel engine is low powered but offers 30+ mpg (less than 10 L per 100 km).

What is the difference between a Toyota town Ace and Wonderwagon?

Top-end 7-seat TownAces were badged additionally “Royal Lounge”. 8-seaters are often badged “Super Extra”. The left-hand drive Toyota Van for the USA market has a lot in common with the TownAce, but did not have all the luxury options, 4WD or the diesel engine. Although; 4WD was briefly offered in the USA as the WonderWagon during the late 1980s.