What is a sentence for unforgettable?

What is a sentence for unforgettable?

Unforgettable sentence example. I’ve a bet with Leland—a night of unforgettable pleasure for him against a new golf outfit for me. It was an unforgettable day and Dean never once thought of the missing Mr. Byrne until mid-afternoon while they were taking a short break and Cynthia mentioned his name.

How do you express your experience?

Here are some tips to help you write a concise and informative description: Begin each item by stating the name of the place, location, dates, and job title (e.g. manager, volunteer) List experiences in reverse chronological order (most current experience first).

How do you describe a good experience?

Here are some adjectives for experience: considerable amatory, good angelic, exciting and terminal, immensely exciting and terminal, amazing and rewarding, bleak, arctic, more instructional, medical and ordinary, anxious actual, wonderful and scary, entire awful, terrifying and oppressive, incredibly intimate and …

What is the meaning of unforgettable memories?

Use the adjective unforgettable to describe things that are so meaningful or important that you could never forget them, like the taste of your grandma’s apple pie or your first kiss. Things that linger forever in your memory are unforgettable.

How do you describe a lot of experience?

Some possibilities include: professional, expert, seasoned, knowledgeable, proficient or simply experienced. In your case I would go with ‘seasoned’ as it forms a neat collocation: Several exhibitions are devoted to seasoned artists. a person who has had long experience in a particular field.

How do you say good knowledge?

Synonyms for Excellent knowledge

  1. good knowledge. n.
  2. thorough knowledge. n.
  3. excellent command.
  4. excellent grasp. n.
  5. deep knowledge.
  6. in depth knowledge.
  7. in-depth knowledge.
  8. superb knowledge. n.

How do you describe your experience in one word?

Adjectives often applied to “experience”: broad, wide, good, bad, great, amazing, horrible, terrible, pleasant, unpleasant, educational, financial, military, commercial, academic, political, industrial, sexual, romantic, religious, mystical, spiritual, psychedelic, scientific, human, magical, intense, deep, humbling.

How do you write memorable days in your life?

Most memorable day of my life :

  1. My best day of life is my mother’s birthday.
  2. My brother and I gave her a surprise gift.
  3. We also planned an unexpected cake cutting sharp at 12.
  4. My mother was so happy that day.
  5. It was the most memorable day seeing my mother being happy because of me.

What is the difference between assignment and coursework?

As nouns the difference between coursework and assignment is that coursework is work carried out by students of a particular course; it is assessed and counts towards the grade given while assignment is the act of assigning; the allocation of a job or a set of tasks.

How would you describe an unforgettable experience?

If you describe something as unforgettable, you mean that it is, for example, extremely beautiful, enjoyable, or unusual, so that you remember it for a long time. You can also refer to extremely unpleasant things as unforgettable. A visit to the museum is an unforgettable experience. …

How do you write unforgettable moments?

One such unforgettable moment in my memories, is of the first time I got perfect scores, and that meant a lot for a 10 years old kid. On scoring 100s in all 5 subjects and being the only one in the whole class to do so, felt inexplicably exceptional. I felt happy and contented with myself.

What do you say about experience?

Experience Sayings and Quotes

  • A stumble may prevent a fall.
  • After crosses and losses, men grow humbler and wiser.
  • All experience is education for the soul.
  • An old ox makes a straight furrow.
  • By crawling, a child learns to stand.
  • Experience is the best teacher.
  • Experience is the mother of wisdom.

How do you say you have good experience?


  1. great experience.
  2. enjoyable experience.
  3. nice experience.
  4. pleasant experience.
  5. positive experience.
  6. useful experience.
  7. beautiful experience.
  8. amazing experience.

What is another word for bad experience?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bad experience, like: disaster, downer, drag, irritation, disappointment, annoyance, bad-trip, bummer and misfortune.

What is a better word for experienced?

SYNONYMS FOR experienced 1 skilled, expert, practiced, veteran, accomplished, versed, adept, qualified.

What is another word for unforgettable?

Unforgettable Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unforgettable?

memorable indelible
exceptional extraordinary
impressive striking
catchy distinctive
haunting notable

What is the meaning of unforgettable moment?

If you describe something as unforgettable, you mean that it is, for example, extremely beautiful, enjoyable, or unusual, so that you remember it for a long time. You can also refer to extremely unpleasant things as unforgettable.