What is a sentence for pondered?

What is a sentence for pondered?

Pondered sentence example. She pondered a few minutes and then smiled. As she answered it, he pondered what she had said. I pondered the known facts.

What is the synonym of pondered?

Some common synonyms of ponder are meditate, muse, and ruminate. While all these words mean “to consider or examine attentively or deliberately,” ponder implies a careful weighing of a problem or, often, prolonged inconclusive thinking about a matter.

How do you use synonyms in a sentence?

For example, instead of using the word “beautiful” several times in your text, you might use synonyms such as “gorgeous,” “stunning,” or “ravishing” to better paint a picture of your description.

What is a good sentence for synonym?

The Parisians received the news of the event with joy, believing that freedom was now at last to be established on a firm basis by the man whose name was the synonym for victory in the field and disinterestedness in civil affairs. In fact his name has become a synonym for the word liar.

How do you use prevalent in a sentence?

Prevalent sentence example

  1. The custom is prevalent in today’s society.
  2. That opinion is prevalent today.
  3. The prevalent winds, which temper the heat, are the S.E.
  4. This attitude was still prevalent in the last Gulf war.
  5. They held the prevalent notion of how a rock band should be.

What is reflect in Ponder?

As verbs the difference between ponder and reflect is that ponder is to wonder, to think of deeply while reflect is to bend back (light, etc) from a surface.

What are antonyms for Ponder?

antonyms for ponder

  • discard.
  • disregard.
  • forget.
  • ignore.
  • neglect.
  • agree.
  • go along.

What is the verb for the word pondered?

Verbs for ponder include ponder, ponderate, ponderated, ponderates, ponderating, pondered, ponderest, pondereth, pondering and ponders. Find more words at wordhippo.com!

What is another word for Ponder?

ponder(v. a.) Synonyms: consider, weigh, contemplate, study, meditate, think on, reflect upon, deliberate upon, revolve in the mind. ponder(v. n.) Synonyms: think, muse, reflect, cogitate, meditate, study.

What is another word for pondering?

Another word for pondering. Adjective. brooding, broody, contemplative, meditative, musing, pensive, pondering, reflective, ruminative – deeply or seriously thoughtful. Example:- Byron lives on not only in his poetry, but also in his creation of the ‘Byronic hero’ – the persona of a brooding melancholy young man.

What is another word for Ponderance?

Synonyms for Ponderance include gravitas, gravity, seriousness, solemnity, dignity, loftiness, sobriety, austerity, decorum and formality