What is a presidentship?

What is a presidentship?

presidentship in American English (ˈprezɪdəntˌʃɪp) noun. chiefly Brit. the office or term of a president.

What is presidentship business?

Noun. 1. presidentship – the office and function of president; “Andrew Jackson expanded the power of the presidency beyond what was customary before his time” presidency. berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot – a job in an organization; “he occupied a post in the treasury”

Is there such a word as presidency?

noun, plural pres·i·den·cies. the office, function, or term of office of a president.

What is an example of presidency?

An example of a president is the highest position within a company. An example of a president is the elected commander in chief of the United States. The President of the United States.

What is the meaning of presidency town?

Presidency-town means the local limits for the time being of the ordinary original civil jurisdiction of the High Court of Judicature at Calcutta, Madras or Bombay, as the case may be; Sample 1. Sample 2.

How long does Secret Service protection last after a president leaves office?

The Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012, reverses a previous law that limited Secret Service protection for former presidents and their families to 10 years if they served after 1997. Former President George W. Bush and future former presidents will receive Secret Service protection for the rest of their lives.

Is presidency plural or singular?

presidency /ˈprɛzədənsi/ noun. plural presidencies. presidency. /ˈprɛzədənsi/

Which is not a presidency?

Kolkata is not a presidency.

What are the three presidencies?

By the mid-18th century three Presidency towns: Madras, Bombay and Calcutta, had grown in size. During the period of Company rule in India, 1757–1858, the Company gradually acquired sovereignty over large parts of India, now called “Presidencies”.

Which one was not a presidency?

Which is not a presidency city?

Bombay and Calcutta were the presidential states in British India but Delhi was not a presidency city.

Do former presidents families get Secret Service protection?