What is a patch background check?

What is a patch background check?

The Pennsylvania State Police established a web-based computer application Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History, or PATCH. Using this system, a requestor can apply for a criminal background check on an individual.

How long is Patch clearance good for?

In order to comply with Pennsylvania legislation (ACT 153), your position requires that you secure a new Act 34 Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH) every 60 months.

Why does my background check say under review?

Every state has its own systems to track anyone that is in trouble or has a record. So if a person has 2 states listed and is waiting for one to come back it will say “request under review”. “submitted info” means that the person looking for a job has given care.com the info they need to do the check.

How far do PA background checks go?

seven years
Covered employers may only consider convictions within the last seven years [from date of disposition or release from confinement whichever is later], and may not consider non-convictions regardless of when they occurred.

How much is a PA criminal background check?

Effective December 1, the fees for using the Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH) system will increase. The fee for the criminal history check will increase from $8 to $22. The Individual Access and Review fee will increase from $10 to $20.

What does a pending background check mean?

Employers in various industries use background checks as part of the standard employment hiring process. When a background check yields a result of “case pending,” it means there is a criminal case that the person hasn’t been convicted of yet.

How long is a PA criminal record check good for?

What is the renewal requirement for background checks? They must be renewed every 60 months (five years). The fingerprint FBI check or the Disclosure Statement only needs to be completed one time since establishing PA residency.