What is a NCV tester?

What is a NCV tester?

A non-contact voltage tester or detector is an electrical tester that helps to detect the presence of voltage. Voltage presence is useful information to have when troubleshooting or working on a failed asset. The first tool you’ll reach for is a non-contact voltage detector.

What does a slow beep on a voltage tester mean?

I think Klein testers have a fast beep for higher voltages (48-1000 volts), and a slow beep for lower voltages (12-48 volts). I’d use a multimeter (volt meter) to test the wires for voltage. It could be that the non-contact tester is picking up phantom voltage, but you’ll want to be sure before cutting the cable.

What is a good non-contact voltage tester?

Our Verdict. A great overall voltage tester to consider is the Fluke Non-Contact Voltage Tester, which features a compact design and is easy to use. For shoppers looking for added versatility, pick up the Klein Tools Voltage Tester and enjoy several tools in a single unit.