What is a MiroCam?

What is a MiroCam?

The MiroCam® Capsule endoscope system helps to detect abnormalities in the small bowel by visualizing the small bowel mucosa. The capsule takes images of the small bowel using the wireless camera inside of the capsule.

Is capsule endoscopy painful?

A capsule endoscopy is generally very safe. Very rare complications include bowel obstruction (if capsule becomes stuck in a narrow passage). If you notice any bloating, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, or trouble swallowing after a capsule endoscopy, contact your doctor as instructed on your discharge papers.

How much is a pill cam?

Cost is another key benefit of the PillCam®. According to Slate, the camera pill price is around $500 while a colonoscopy costs an average of $4,000. This reduces the cost for insurers as well as for those without health insurance who are forced to pay their medical expenses out-of-pocket.

What is the cost of camera endoscopy?

The cost of capsule endoscopy can depend on many factors, including your location, your specific doctor or provider, and your insurance. The cost of an individual capsule is around $500. However, this doesn’t include any additional costs associated with the procedure.

Is a capsule endoscopy safe?

Capsule endoscopy is a safe and well-tolerated procedure for most people. It is the safest non-invasive diagnostic tool currently available for examining the small intestine.

Is a capsule endoscopy as good as a colonoscopy?

Colon capsule endoscopy detected more patients with any neoplastic lesion (regardless of size). Colon capsule endoscopy is superior to CT colonography for detecting patients with significant lesions (i.e. ≥ 6 mm in size at colonoscopy), with a slightly lower specificity.

How long does capsule endoscopy results take?

He or she will download and review the images and contact you with the results within two to three weeks. The capsule should pass on its own within five to seven days and may be safely flushed.

Is capsule endoscopy better than normal endoscopy?

CCE seems to be a safe and effective method of visualizing the colonic mucosa through colon fluids without the need for sedation or insufflation of air. The sensitivity of CCE to detect polyps, advanced adenomas and cancer is lower compared to optical colonoscopy but improvements will be made in the near future.

Is the mirocam Green endoscope mercury free?

MiroCam Capsule Endoscopy New MiroCam® Capsule Endoscope System MC1600, MC2000 & MR2000 New Software MiroView 4.0 4.0Software MC2000 double tip capsule ▪MiroCam Green is mercury free. Stomach Mucosa Duodenum Mucosa Jejunum Villi Ileum Vascularity

How to contact mirocam for real-time view & capture?

Real-time View & Capture MiroCam Capsule Endoscopy Tel: +82-2-801-9300 Fax:+82-2-801-9330 contact: [email protected] Website: www.intromedic.com MR2000-1609E Light and compact design with wide LCD screen not only benefits patients but also enables physicians to easily check capsule location real-time.

How does the mirocam Navi work?

▪MiroCam® Navi can be controlled by magnetic force using Navi Controller – Deliver an immobilized capsule safely form the esophagus and stomach into the duodenum – Control the movement of the capsule by viewing the images real time New User Interface for MC2000 New Express View: Abnormal Lesion Detector

What is The MC2000 double tip endoscopy?

The MC2000 Double Tip Endoscopy capsule provides a bidirectional 12 hour view of the small bowel. With a consistent frame rate of 6 FPS (3 FPS each end) and 340° degree field of view (170° each end) offering greater coverage of the small bowel for a better diagnostic result.