What is a Kudkuran?

What is a Kudkuran?

the “coconut grater” or “shredder”, commonly known in the Philippines as“kudkuran” or “kudkuran ng niyog”. This humble and simple machine made out of elongated wood for its bench and its metal grater attached on its forepart is used to segregate or separate the coconut flesh from its shell.

What is coconut grater?

The coconut grater and scraper are used to efficiently grate the coconut while inside the shell.

What is grater for?

A grater is a kitchen tool which has a rough surface that you use for cutting food into very small pieces.

Which coconut scraper is best?

1. Nesday Electric Coconut Scraper. The Nesday Electric Coconut Scraper is an excellent product that is very useful for coconut scraping. It has a great design which makes it very easy to use.

How do you shred a coconut?

For Shredded: Grate the coconut meat using a grater. Depending on the size that you want, you can use the larger or small side of a grater, or even a lemon zester tool. Just be aware that the smaller side of the grater, most often used to grate hard spices, is best for desiccated coconut, not grated coconut.

Are graters and Zesters the same?

The difference between a grater and a zester Zesters are exclusively used for citrus fruits to get long, thin strips of zest. They’re small with just a few round holes that you scrape along the fruit. A grater, on the other hand, is multipurpose.

Can we grind coconut in blender?

How to grate Coconut, How to Shred Coconut in a Mixie / Blender. I prefer to use my trusty knife and a mixie / blender for the job. Grating and shredding coconut is so easy with a knife. It will take just 4-5 minutes to shred a whole big coconut from start to finish.

How do you shred coconut at home?

Scoop out the coconut meat from the shell and use a standard grater or food processor to shred the meat. Spread the coconut shreds on a baking tray and bake at the lowest setting for a few hours. Be careful that the coconut does not burn or toast.

What is the difference between shredded coconut and desiccated coconut?

Shredded coconut is “grated” bits of coconut, usually in long thin strips/strands. They are then dried out, but still, retain more moisture than desiccated coconut. Desiccated coconut is finely ground coconut, rather than bigger strips. This is also usually drier than shredded coconut.