What is a helical blade used for?

What is a helical blade used for?

Background/Purpose: The helical blade was designed to remove less bone from the femoral head with the intention of providing stronger fixation and resistance to cutout in the femoral head.

Is a helical blade an implant?

Proximal femoral nails with a helical blade are a new generation of implants used for treating transtrochanteric fractures. The blade design provides rotational and angular stability for the fracture. Despite greater biomechanical resistance, they sometimes present complications.

When compared with using a lag screw using a helical blade results in a?

The results revealed that, compared with lag screw implantations, the use of helical blades led to a lower rate of cut-out complications (95 % CI: 0.28–0.96, P = 0.036). Patients who experienced cut-out complications had a significantly greater tip apex distance (95 % CI: 0.68–1.34, P < 0.001).

Is Cephalomedullary the same as intramedullary?

This new class of intramedullary nail, the so-called “cephalomedullary nail” includes the Long Gamma Nail (LGN), the Trochanteric Femoral Nail (TFN), and the Intertroch/Subtroch Nail (ITST).

How does a Cephalomedullary nail work?

The nail features a small proximal section that is designed to minimize the amount of bone that must be removed for nail insertion. A lag screw is placed through the nail into the femoral head to secure the nail in place proximally and help control the different segments of the bone while healing occurs.

What is a intertrochanteric fracture?

Introduction. Intertrochanteric fractures are defined as extracapsular fractures of the proximal femur that occur between the greater and lesser trochanter. The intertrochanteric aspect of the femur is located between the greater and lesser trochanters and is composed of dense trabecular bone.

What is a recon nail?

The Femoral Recon Nail (FRN) system is an integrated nailing system designed to adapt to multiple surgical approaches. As part of the DePuy Synthes portfolio, the FRN leverages the global success and learnings of the EXPERT NAIL® System and the TFN-ADVANCED Proximal Femur Nailing System (TFNA).

What is a femoral nail used for?

An intramedullary nail is a metal rod that is inserted into the medullary cavity of a bone and across the fracture in order to provide a solid support for the fractured bone. Intramedullary nailing is currently considered the “gold standard” for treatment of femoral shaft fractures (Rudloff 2009).

What is the treatment of an intertrochanteric hip fracture?

Intertrochanteric fractures are treated surgically with either a sliding compression hip screw and side plate or an intramedullary nail. The compression hip screw is fixed to the outer side of the bone with bone screws. A large secondary screw (lag screw) is placed through the plate into the femoral head and neck.

What is a Femoral Recon nail?