What is a fender short scale?

What is a fender short scale?

The Fender Modern Player Short Scale Stratocaster and Telecaster each offer a 610mm (24-inch) scale length (the same as the Mustang), with 20 frets and a slightly downsized body, while the addition of Guild ‘Anti-Hum’ humbuckers in the Strat bridge and Tele neck position offers increased tonal versatility, too.

What electric guitar has the shortest scale length?

Squier Mini Jazzmaster HH Mini Jazzmaster is incredibly short 22.75 inches scale length, which provides the musicians with smaller hands the ability to press and stretch the frets and comfortably play complex chord positions.

Is a short scale guitar easier to play?

Short-scale guitars have smaller fret spacing than usual, which is why many people find them easier or more comfortable to play. Additionally, the low tension and action make it easy to fret and bend strings.

Are Fender guitars good for small hands?

Fender has some smaller sized ¾ guitars which are perfect for those with small hands or are just students starting out and naturally have smaller hands than adults. The Fender Mini Strat is the ideal choice in these circumstances. The neck is also C shaped so it’s easier on the fingers than other guitars necks.

Are short scale guitars worth it?

Scale length can have a significant effect on playability. All factors being equal (string gauge, string length beyond the nut and saddle, break angles, and so on), shorter scales produce lower string tension, are more elastic, easier to fret, and require less arm extension.

Do short scale guitars sound different?

Guitars with short scale lengths tend to sound warmer and a tad fuller than guitars with longer scales, as the lower amount of tension allows their strings to vibrate more freely.

Does fender make a short scale Telecaster?

The Modern Player Short Scale Telecaster – along with reducing the scale length to 610mm (24-inch) – shaves those dimensions down to 304mm and 379mm respectively.

Is the Fender Mustang smaller?

Most notably, the Fender Mustang has a shorter scale than many of its electric guitar competitors. Industry professionals technically label the guitar as a “medium” scale, but players will notice the shorter neck. Today’s Mustang generally has a 24-inch scale with 22 frets.

Do short scale guitars have higher action?

A short scale guitar will need higher action when using light strings or else the strings will buzz. You can achieve low action with a short scale guitar, but it requires you to move to heavier gauge strings.

How many frets does a short scale guitar have?

Also, the 12-fret position on any guitar is the exact halfway point of the scale length. Conversely, you can have a 14-fret guitar with a short scale.

Are Fender Mustang short scale?

Moderately priced at $189.50, the original Mustang was a dual-pickup, 22-fret, medium-scale guitar that owed much to the Duo-Sonic, although it had an offset waist like a Jazzmaster. A very few 21-fret short-scale models were also built. The Mustang was the first Fender student model with a vibrato system.

Are frets closer together on a short scale guitar?

Fret Spacing For example, a shorter scale guitar like a Gibson Les Paul (24.75″) will have frets that are slightly closer together than those on a Fender Stratocaster (25.5″). This is because as scale length increases, so does the distance between frets.