What is a downrigger used for?

What is a downrigger used for?

Downriggers are designed for trolling, and they can be used to catch a huge variety of freshwater and saltwater fish. Some of the most popular species to catch include lake trout, steelhead, brown trout, kingfish, chinook, coho, walleye, and striped bass.

What is a downrigger fishing rod?

A downrigger is a device used while fishing using the trolling method, which places a lure at the desired depth. A downrigger consists of a three to six-foot horizontal pole which supports a cannonball, generally 10 to 15 pounds, by a steel cable (generally stainless steel or wire).

What are planer boards for fishing?

Planer boards are devices that attach to fishing lines and take those lines, and the lures on those lines, out away from the boat. These devices offer several advantages to anglers who troll crankbaits and spinners for various fish species.

Can you troll without a downrigger?

Reels. The secret to trolling without a downrigger is being able to replicate success. That is why I highly recommend a level-wind reel with a built-in line counter. When trolling without a downrigger, you need to let out more line to get down to the fish.

How do I make my lures deeper when trolling?

If you need to go deeper, just let out some backing until your target depth is reached. On the lure end of the line, remove a short section of lead as before and tie on a size 18, or smaller, barrel swivel. Now use a 10 to 15 foot mono or fluorocarbon leader to tie on the lure.

What is the difference between a downrigger and an outrigger?

Outriggers are long poles or antennas that extend out on either side off the rear of the boat (starboard and port) and pull (or troll) your lines, lures and bait behind you. Downriggers, on the other hand, extend beneath the boat.

Can you use any rod with downrigger?

While some fishing rods are outright labeled as downrigger rods, any rod will work well if it meets the following requirements.